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Apr 7, 2011 12:16 PM

Friend that is preggers and on house arrest

Hi all,

I got a good friend that is on house arrest/ bed rest due to her pregnancy. A few of us are taking turns to visit her thoughout the week and bringing her some food.

last week, i made yogurt panna cotta, berries in balsamic and poached wild salmon, a bit of salad. I am concerned, since she is not moving around as much, that she may need the extra probiotics and fiber and not have so much sugar and carbs...

I am a pretty good cook. What do you wish your friend brought you when you are half way through?

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  1. My wife had an affinity for ice cream, if that helps.

    1. You are great friends! I am almost 5 months pregno (with twins) and on bedrest also. My husband has been making (or buying) hearty soups so I can easily heat up for lunch while his at work. Some pregnancy "super-foods" include: Greek yogurt, walnuts, eggs, beans, salmon, grains (including popcorn), fruits/veggies. So you are definitely on track with what you have made so far.

      Every pregnancy is different, but I've been craving egg salad sandwiches right now. You could make some chili with beans and ground turkey or beef. Peanut butter also hits the spot lately - and I dip apple slices in it. Homemade granola with some dried fruit (and walnuts) would appeal to me - and I could mix it with some Greek yogurt.

      Good luck to your friend!

      1. Thank you. Do you think eating a dinner of protein, like a chicken breast or a piece of pork loin causes GI issues because protein is not that easily digested?? ahem.

        i'm on the fence because i am torn between meat or mushrooms.

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          I usually eat some sort of meat (chicken, pork, beef) for dinner and I have not had any GI issues. I've been on bed-rest for 3 weeks - and mostly laying down. The growing baby(s) needs protein. Lean Meat is also considered a pregnancy "super-food."

        2. I was never on bed rest, but one thing all inactive people need is more fiber, so I'd definitely bring fiber-rich foods like lentils, beans, veggies, oranges, etc. She does need to drink lots of fluids in order for them to have any effect. Ahem.

          And you are correct about sugar and refined carbs. Whole grains are good, though, if she can tolerate them. Some prego people can't.

          1. You guys are awesome friends!

            When I was pregnant and on bedrest I was having intense heartburn, probably exacerbated by the laying down position I was stuck in. Yogurt or milk based smoothies were one of the only things that helped and they had a hearty dose of protein and antioxidants from fruits too. You could try bringing her those.

            In general pregnant women need lots of protein to help keep them going and provide energy for the baby. When I was on bedrest I had huge issues with eating meat and just couldn't stomach it, so alternative sources of protein like lentils/legumes, soy, etc. would have helped.

            Soups are also wonderful because they are easy to eat and can pack a lot of nutrients. One thing I would try is regardless of what you bring your friend, don't necessarily bring a whole lot of one specific dish because a pregnant woman's tastes can change frequently. She might be craving avocados one day and not be able to stand the sight, smell or taste of them the next, and it would suck to make something she can't eat anymore.

            I would avoid anything too acidic, spicy, etc. that could make heartburn worse.