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Apr 7, 2011 12:00 PM

Chipotle chilis

I have a bag of dried chipotle chilis....what do I do with them? Any recipes? Thanks

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    1. reconstitute a couple of them in chicken stock, then use the stock to cook rice.

      sweat some onion and garlic in a separate pot and stir in a can of black beans, along with the chilis chopped up finely. (and salt, pepper, and cumin to taste)

      when the rice is done and the beans have softened and thickened some, combine.

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      1. re: mattstolz

        Thank you Matt...that sounds right up my alley

      2. Great in chili. Also a good complement to mashed sweet potatoes or home fries.

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        1. re: eclecticsynergy

          oooh second the chipotle sweet potatoes. so good

        2. Good ideas all, and you can also grind the dried for chipotle powder, which has tons of uses for rubs, sauces, chili (you can certainly use whole ones here,) soups, dusting various vegetable fries, seasoning breading mixes, seasoning for cooking dried beans etc. (as do the whole chipotles, just thow a few into a pot of black beans) or reconstitute them in boiling water and pickle them in adobo sauce, a combo of hearty tomato sauce and a llittle vinegar, same as the canned chipotles en adobo you see in supermarkets. Refrigerate the chipotles en adobo and use quickly, or freeze in small portions. Reconstituted chipotles make a good base for spicy salsas as well. Here's a simple tasty roasted tomatillo-chipotle salsa recipe from Rick Bayless, using dried chipotles. I would think you can get tomatillos where you are: