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Apr 7, 2011 09:56 AM

George's at the Cove with kids?

Hi - We are heading to San Diego from Boston with our three children (8,5 and 3) and looking for some good places to eat. One place that keeps coming up in the reviews I have read is Georges. Can anyone tell me if this is appropriate for children? Thanks!

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  1. It depends on your definition of appropriate. If you are on the rooftop cafe, definitely OK. If you are in the fine dining restaurant, it's up to you - though I've seen kids of that age there plenty of times. They might be a bit bored, of course.

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      So the rooftop cafe is all outdoors? Is that what they refer to as George's Terrace? As far as appropriate goes, I just don't like to bring children to places where they are clearly not welcome (which is absolutely fine) because it makes the whole experience uncomfortable. If a restaurant does not have high chairs then it is pretty clear to me that children should not be dining there! Thanks!

      1. re: cbcb

        Yes, the Terrace is what I was describing, and it is mostly outdoors.

        San Diego is a tourist town - there are few places where kids would be outright unwelcome, and these are probably the places that would blow your budget for the week. :)

        It might be useful to search this board for "kids" in the subject title, as there have been a number of decent suggestions for more kid-friendly places. You may want to expand this thread, too (make the title more general - e.g. "decent restaurants with kids").

        Where will you be staying? Will you have a car?

        1. re: RB Hound

          I will definitely keep looking for ideas on Chowhound - thank you so much.

          We are staying at the West Inn and Suites in Carlsbad for 3 nts and then the Homewood Suites Liberty station (the suite thing is key when you have 3 kids!) for 3 nts - although I am tempted to stay at the Hotel Del since it's featured on Snique Away today and seems like a good deal...

          And yes, we'll have a car.

          I truly appreciate your time - thank you!

          1. re: cbcb

            Ocean Terrace is great. Also in La Jolla, we have dined at the Marine Room (not too far from Georges and food is also good) with kids, perfectly child friendly and yes they have high-chairs. We always go early or go to the fantastic brunch.

            Other kid-friendly favorites from this board that we've been to recently:
            Tender Greens (at Liberty Station) - high chairs and a kids meal meal option
            Cucina Urbana - kids menu and chairs
            Urban Solace - kids menu and chairs
            The Linkery - kids menu and chairs
            Ritual tavern - high chairs
            Pho on 5th - high chairs (bonus that Pinkberry is just around the corner)

            Unfortunately, there are a handful of great places (Wine Vault & Bistro, Starlite) that only allow 21 and up. But I totally agree with RB Hound, very few places are outright unfriendly to children...some are just more accomodating than others.

            3794 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

            Urban Solace Restaurant
            3823 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104

            3175 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

            Marine Room Restaurant
            2000 Spindrift Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037

            Tender Greens
            2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

            209 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

            1. re: diningwithkids

              Forgot to add one thing...over the holidays, we had a babysitter and went to A.R. Valentien. Was surprised to see LOTS of kids dining with their parents and the staff was really charming and went out of their way to make the kids feel welcome. But I guess it makes sense since it's a hotel restaurant.

            2. re: cbcb

              If you and/or your spouse like craft beer, be sure to go to Pizza Port Carlsbad while you're up there. Kid friendly (arcade games and such) and dozens of taps. Not everybody is incredibly crazy about their pizza, but that matters a little less after a few beers.

      2. George's Ocean Terrace will be fine with the long as there behaved. ; )
        When your in Carlsbad, you'll probably will be spending all day at can hit up King's Fish House, Sammy's Pizza for the kids and the messy sundae is delicious.
        When your at Liberty Station, you can hit up Point Loma Seafoods, Tender Greens, Bali Hai, Pizza Nova, Corvette Diner, Brigantine in Shelter Island (everyday happy hour is great for fish tacos, marg's and kid friendly)
        Ask for a top floor room overlooking Downtown SD and the bay..suites are nice and large.
        Save your $$ instead of staying at the Hotel Del because the rooms are pricey and not all that..unless you get the villas but its too cold to enjoy the beach right now.
        Take the water taxi over from Gaslamp to Coronado and the kids will enjoy it.
        Have a good time!

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