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Apr 7, 2011 09:41 AM

Where to Find Kurobuta or Berkshire Pork in DFW Area?

Please help. Thanks in Advance!

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  1. I've found it at Asia World Market in Plano.

    1. I believe the pork sold at Central Market is "Berkshire".

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      1. re: twinwillow

        It used to be Berkshire at the CM in Plano and occasionally at the CM on Lover's they will advertise the chops, but unless it says Berkshire it is not. I have found it pretty consistently at the Southlake CM.

        1. re: HalfBaked

          Tried Southlake CM last weekend, they don't carry Berkshire any longer. :( A staff told me that all CMs do not carry Berkshire breed anymore.

          1. re: ktla97

            I received the same response - they haven't carried Berkshire exclusively for 2-1/2 years. I was told it *might* be Berkshire but it sounded like they receive pork from different and unidentified distributors/meat houses. However, he went on to say that that all of their pork is organically raised, no antibiotics, etc..... Not a bad price either at @ 5.50/lb.

      2. Bryd Family Farms LLC is currently selling whole and side's of 100% Berkshire Pork. Our Pork is Certified by the American Berkshire Meat program and the Go Texan program. We can have it processed at our Certified American Berkshire processing facility or have it delivered to the processor of your choice. Individual cuts are not available at this time but we expect to have them ready within the next 6 months. ( our product will be available in several retail outlets soon) Please email any questions to

        1. Freedman Meats, Inc. does wholesale distribution of Berkshire and Kurobata pork in Dallas...I think they're only restaurant and wholesale, but it never hurts to call up and ask.

          1. What exactly are you using the Berkshire pork for? Kurobuta pork is the same thing as Berkshire, the Japanese started raising Berkshire pigs in the Kagoshima and Sakurajima Prefectures. If we knew what your use was we could pehaps suggest other heritage breeds that could give you a better end result, ie. The Tamworth breed will give you better pork belly and bacon dishes.

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            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Thank you all for inputs!

              I was hoping to get pork chops. Nothing fancy. My husband never has a black pig before so I thought I could introduce him to this breed since the meat is so much juicier than regular pork find here in the local grocery stores. I don't need large quantity - just a pound or two.

              Since we don't have a Japanese grocery store here (correct me if I am wrong!), I thought it probably will be more common to find American breed Berkshire than Kurobuta.

              I am going to check out the aforementioned places.

              Thought this tread will be a good future reference, since I did not find similar topic for DFW board. :)

              1. re: ktla97

                If you want some local or even local to Texas (in other words they are in the Hill Country or beyond). I wrote up the following:

                South Texas Heritage Pork just outside of San Antonio raises the English Large Black and the Tamworth breeds. I would call and ask to see if they can get some of their products up here. They have a large presence on internet searches so online ordering might be available.

                Tiny Texas Ranch raises English Large Black and Gloucester Old Spot down in Harlingen.

                Desert Edge Mulefoot Farm down in Monahans raises the pork breed by the same name, Mulefoot.

                Peach Creek Farm in String Prairie raises some Berkshire pork so if you are in the Hill Country you can visit the farm or one of the farmers markets they attend.

                Alpha Omega Ranch

                Sloans Creek in Dodd City is the most “local” has the Red Wattle breed. The farm is located out near Bonham and is about a 45 min drive on the weekend from Richardson/Plano. I have actually been out to the farm toured it and had a local Slow Food meeting out at the farm. There wasn’t a pork product I did not like at that event. The brats and other items like smoked hock are all great products. I would highly recommend buying from Nathan and Ellen if you get the chance.

                Also if you are looking for any producers I would look at the following websites:
       - Good for reference about heritage breeds



                Large Black Hog Association

                American Berkshire Association

                I will work on getting you the other site for the heritage breeds

                1. re: ktla97

                  If you will send me an email to I will see what we can put together.