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bulk yeast in JP or Cambridge?

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Has anyone spotted any bulk yeast? Harvest in JP was my source for many years, but they are falling down on the job despite my making a plea to the manager. TIA.

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  1. I bought a pound (probably a 5 year supply at my house) at Restaurant Depot in Needham for $5 or so.

    Arax in Watertown sells it. They repackage into little tubs.

    Might ask if Iggy's or one of the local bakeries would sell you some.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      Arax also has cakes of fresh yeast, if that's of interest. At least they did when I was there a few weeks ago.

      1. re: deglazer

        For further clarification (beyond what everyone else has contributed) - fresh yeast will last at the most, a month, in the freezer (maybe not even that long - been there, done that...)

        The instant yeast will last much longer. I purchase mine - both SAF & Fleischmans - in the large, vacuumed packed bags at the Big Box stores. Have had no problem w/keeping my supply, which I transfer to a glass jar - in the freezer for several years.

        I will admit, however, it does feel cool to use a cake of fresh yeast. I love the texture & feel of it, although I admit there was no difference in the resulting bread I baked. :D

    2. I just bought some bulk nutritional yeast from the Harvest in Central Sq! If you can make the trip over, you may be rewarded!

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        Although the OP was asking for baking yeast, I'm glad you mentioned this. I like to keep a supply for holiday baking for my vegan daughter, but don't want - or need -to order a large container online. Will check them out next time I'm in Central Square - thanks!

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          They do have bulk baker's yeast. It's in the fridge cases along the long wall toward the back. That's where we get ours (and we buy our Nu-yeast there too).

        2. Just to clarify, I meant baking yeast, not nutritional.

          1. I buy SAF Instant Yeast in a one-pound package at Whole Foods. Put it in the freezer and it lasts forever. I've seen large packages of yeast at Costco and BJ's as well.

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              I swear I've seen the one-pound bags of SAF Instant (my go-to yeast as well) at the Packards Corner Star. I'll report back if I see any.

              1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                (As of this evening, no dice: just the 4 oz jars of Fleischmanns.)

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                You don't even need to freeze. Lasts indefinitely in the fridge as well.

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                  Fresh Pond Whole Foods usually has the 1lb SAF Instant, but check the package dates because they can vary. Costco carries the 2lb Red Star Active Dry I believe (what they had the last time I was there). And Restaurant Depot has both, for a lot less money than Whole Foods.

                  Central Bakery in Cambridge will sell yeast too, which used to be fresh yeast in half-lb bricks, but they were a bit flakey about it so I just went about buying from Piantedosi which always has fresh yeast but is not in Cambridge. I vaguely recall seeing some yeast at Christina's, can't be more expensive than whole foods, but I would call first.

                  For nutritional yeast I think its harvest in bulk. For brewers yeast, winemaking yeast, lactic acid bacteria you also have Modern Homebrewer on Mass ave. :-)

                2. Try BMS supply on washingtion street. they should have it in the bakery section.


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                    Thanks, hounds. I should have specified that I meant baking yeast, not nutritional. Needham's a bit far afield for me but I'll definitely check out BMS.