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Apr 7, 2011 07:55 AM

Something in Pimlico (London)

Two Yanks heading to London for a week of sightseeing and we’ve rented an apartment (flat?) that’s between the Victoria Station & Pimlico tube stations. I’m assuming that a least one day we’ll overdo the sightseeing & will want something within walking distance for some much needed food & drink. Not looking for any thing fancy, just something casual & solid, perhaps a neighborhood Italian or a traditional pub. Anyone one have any recommendations?

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  1. I would highly recommend the Regency Cafe. Certainly not fancy but good solid cooking, great portions and very friendly staff; an ideal place for a visitor to experience the fast dieing classic cafe culture.

    I think it's open from 7am - 2pm, then from 4pm (or 4.30pm) to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and 7am-12.00 on Saturday, but double check.

    Regency Cafe, 17-19 Regency Street, SW1

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    1. re: zedman_1

      That sounds great for breakfast, but I don't think their hours will work for dinner.

    2. We had a nice casual meal at Cask Pub and Kitchen. They also have a very good list of English beers on draft. Reasonable prices, quiet atmosphere. We were in the area visiting Barbara Pym's church (at least one of them), and since we are also huge beer enthusiasts that is how we happened upon it. Corner of Charlewood and Tachbrooke if I recall.

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      1. re: dulcie54

        Thanks for that one...looks like it's worth a visit just for the beers.

      2. This might work:

        Their shop/restau in Pimlico is casual, low key and has inexpensive tasty food. Decent wine list too. Bookings are usually a good idea.


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          Their foods look good, but the website is a little confusing. Is the Pimlico store just take-away or is it a restaurant?

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            It's a combination of shop and restaurant.

        2. Cyprus Mangal is a pretty solid option for turkish/cypriot food. well grilled meats and mezze..

          casual and inexpensive.