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Apr 7, 2011 06:31 AM

Chili - like the ski resorts make?

I love chili. I have a number of really great chili recipes - with beans, without beans, turkey chili with white beans, etc. But I've never been able to recreate the chili that I get when I go skiiing. Maybe it's out of a can - and that's why. It's great. If you ski in the northeast - you know what I'm talking about. Anyone have a good recipe ? Thanks!

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  1. Make your favorite recipe and have somebody dish it up and charge you twelve dollars.

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    1. Long slow simmer w/ fatty cuts of meat.

      1. The only time I got chili at a ski area was at Pats Peak, and I could tell that was canned. Black Mountain makes their own, but I didn't try it because I was skiing with a group and it would have been an unpleasant ride home.

        1. This might be stating the obvious, but after a day of strenuous exercise in the cold--

          of course it tastes especially good. The exact same bowl would taste different in your backyard on the 4th of July.

          I'm not a fan of chili-heat at all, so my recipe is tame, generic, and always different.

          There's a fellow here who posts under the name ChiliDude -- probably be a good place to start.

          He can be found here: