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Apr 7, 2011 05:44 AM

New Place in Ambler?

Last night on my way to Twister's Yoga on Butler, I noticed a sign next door. It reads "New Restaurant Opening Soon - Hiring All Positions." Anyone know what may be going in there?

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  1. No idea! Rosies and Forest and Main are both coming to different locations... wonder what's going in there!

    I wonder if Jojo's is still open. We stopped by a couple weeks ago and it was not open, and I can never tell from the train platform if there are lights on in there or not.

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    1. re: jujuthomas

      I was talking to Jo-Jo's last week and they would like to be open additional/longer hours but they need the business to sustain it. Look for some fun things they have in the works for the spring/summer. Your point is good about not being able to see if they are open from the platform, perhaps they need something in the window.

      1. re: TheAmblerRambler

        Yeah for a while I thought their ATM sign was an Open sign. I would be very tempted to dash in and grab a cuppa while I wait for the train, if I knew they were open!

    2. I had not heard anything and that would be great news! That location is just begging for a simple little cafe (please let it be BYO!!!!). I will try to do some investigative work :)

      Juju, yes Jojos is still open. I think they have odd hours but they are open!

      1. From what I've heard from the peeps at Twisters it is going to be another pizza place. I (along with many others) was pretty disgruntled as I think Ambler needs something other than another pizza shop, but I was able to peek past the paper on the windows last night and it looks really cute inside. Hopefully AmblerGirl will turn up further info, I am so curious! I'm also hoping for a BYO!!!

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        1. re: TheAmblerRambler

          I just got the same info that its a pizza place as well. I agree that the last thing we need is yet another pizza joint, but if they are hiring servers (and it is a cutre spot) that might be a good sign that maybe its more like a pizza cafe (like an Arpeggio) than an actual pizza joing. We already have Candidas a few storefronts down.. along with many many others with just a few blocks!

          I was hoping for tapas but, sigh, that was a reach :)

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            A BYO tapas place would be a dream! We also need a place to grab a healthy bite. I would love a Jamba Juice type place that had smoothies and served great salads, wraps and the like. That was my hope for the spot next to Twisters, it would have been perfect!

            1. re: TheAmblerRambler

              I know, there was a place in Chestnut Hill called Cafe Barcelona that closed a few years ago. Cute little place with some outdoor seats, casual shabby chic setting, tapas, BYO, everything very homemade. It was my favorite place, we need another place like that!

              Or something healthy would be great too, they'd get tons of business from Twisters. There are really no healthy casual options nearby. We have so many pizza places, bars, gelato places (though I can never complain about too much gelato)...

        2. while getting my hair cut in a salon on main st, my stylist told me that it was going to be "mediterranean".

          and there is my big contribution to this thread! :)

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          1. re: missfunkysoul

            That's good news! I went by today and saw that the name is Massa Pizza & Grill. I peeked in but the floors were wet so I didn't go in and couldn't see past the vestibule. Good work missfunkysoul :)

              1. re: sharonlouk

                I'm getting excited! Anyone have any clue what his other restaurant is?

                1. re: TheAmblerRambler

                  oh my! that's more than a "pizza joint" from his website! I can't wait to see the menu!

                2. re: sharonlouk

                  Thanks for sharing the link... it looks great!!!! I love all of the recon work going on here!

            1. Just got back from the quiet opening and I am happy to report that this is way more than a pizza place! In fact I was really excited to have salad and pizza tonight but was surprised that pizza wasn't even being offered. Being a quiet opening it was a very limited menu, but the choices were great; Ahi Tuna Carpaccio with avocado, jalapeño and citrus, Caprese, Caesar, Mesclun greens and for entrées, Grilled Salmon with oven roasted tomato ravioli, wilted spinach and roasted pepper coulis, Penne Vodka with Lump Crab, Herb Roasted Chicken Breast with saffron risotto, broccoli and game reduction and a vegetarian option.
              The salmon was excellent, cooked perfectly and the ravioli was so tasty. Dessert was a chocolate souflee that was out of this world! The atmosphere is lovely and it is BYO! It is family owned and everyone was very friendly and accommodating.
              They will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner with no break in between. The menu has a great selection of pizzas, meat and seafood and a few pastas. In my opinion this is just what Ambler needs, an affordable BYO that serves great food in a comfortable environment.

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              1. re: TheAmblerRambler

                Sounds great, thanks for reporting back! I really can't wait to try it! I especially love the fact that they are open 7 days through lunch and dinner, I have a crazy toddler and whenever we go out to eat it needs to be at an off hour, and we have a hard time finding places that are open. I'm so excited! And its BYO!!!!!!!

                1. re: AmblerGirl

                  The pizza will be the true test, can't wait to try it!

                2. re: TheAmblerRambler

                  wow, that all sounds delicious! thanks so much for reporting back. :)

                  1. re: jujuthomas

                    Sounds interesting, for sure. Will have to try them after yoga some Wednesday. Wonder if a bottle of wine will fit in my bag?

                    1. re: truffles2

                      We just stopped by and picked up a menu. It definitely has a spanish/italian/portguese flair. I'm so excited to see some Portuguese options like pork and clams (one of my all time favorite dishes). We usually have to venture into the Northeast for good Portuguese food!

                      1. re: AmblerGirl

                        anyone know a link with copy of the menu??? sounds quite interesting!

                        1. re: ilovesummer

                          Theres a link to the website in the thread above but its pretty basic, no menu posted. We got ours as a hard copy, its a photo copy with BYOB written in pen on it, you can tell they are just getting started!

                          I have the menu in front of me and they have some interesting apps (portuguese steamed clams, flaming portuguese sausage, mussels, braised beef spanikopita, chicken parm ravioli, tuna carpacio), standard salads, entrees (portuguese dishes like bacalau, paehla, pork and clams, a number of seafood dishes, papparadelle pasta, roast pork, chicken, seared beef filet), a number of interesting pizzas, stromboli, and a lunch menu with some salads and sandwiches. Prices are what I'd call average- apps (8-10), entrees (15-26), pizza (8-17.50).

                          1. re: AmblerGirl

                            thanks!!! do they have vegetarian dishes....and things like hummous..etc?

                            1. re: ilovesummer

                              They have a "chef selection" vegetarian entree on the menu plus a number of salads and pizzas that are vegetarian. No hummus.

                              We stopped by tonight and spoke breifly with the manager. It is italian/portuguese fusion (fun!) and the chef is from the Four Seasons. Everything is house made each morning, even the pasta. Decor is very pretty with warm rich colors. They have a kids menu which means they are kid friendly. I am going to try to eat there this weekend. The pork and clams are calling to me.

                              1. re: AmblerGirl

                                I am looking forward to your review!