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Apr 7, 2011 04:49 AM

Are waffles supposed to be a little bit chewy, or not really?

I've been thinking of buying a waffle maker - but this is based on the frozen waffles my Mum used to buy when I was little. They were a bit chewy, and flexible. I really liked them.

Recently I bought some waffles in a packet (i.e. not frozen), but they weren't chewy or flexible (by this, I mean if you bent it, it would break pretty easily, a lot more easily than the frozen ones)

I'm wondering if the frozen ones are not actually waffle-like (maybe the freezing did something to them?), and the non-chewy, non flexible waffles I had will be closer to the results I would get from a waffle maker, (in which case, I'd better not waste my money because I will be disappointed)

Or does it depend a lot on the recipe? Of course, it does - I guess I'm asking, what should I expect from the average waffle recipe?

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  1. Frozen waffles have a water content that's impossible to escape, which is where that chew factor comes in. The composition of the base ingredients is compromised, not necessarily in a bad way, and that texture you speak of is the result. I think I'm speaking for a lot of people when I say that the ideal waffle has a very thin crunchy layer over a very light eggy interior; not crunchy nor cardboardy, all the way through. I'd go on and buy that waffle maker, and freeze some of the finished product - they'll keep about a month, well-wrapped, and it makes such a good, easy breakfast. Plus, freezing some and eating some fresh will give you that basis for comparison. Good luck.
    Oh - any basic recipe should work, but try adding a good heaping T. of sour cream to the recipe, or subbing club soda for about a quarter of the liquid called for.

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    1. I like a bit more crunch than mamachef, but still not completely crunchy all the way through.

      As far as crunchiness, that's easy to adjust with both recipe and cooking time. Experiment until you find a recipe you like. I always slightly undercook freezer-bound waffles and reheat under the broiler or in the toaster oven.

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