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Easter Brunch in Clearwater

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I am trying to think of a good place to go for Easter Sunday probably for brunch. Open though to suggestions. Any thoughts?

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  1. It's not in Clearwater, but right over the Courtney Cambell Causeway in Tampa... Oystercatcher's has the best brunch in the Bay Area hands down. My family and I went there last year for Easter and had a fantastic time. Full oyster and seafood bar, omelette station, carving station, sushi, make your own guacomole and an entire dessert room with a chocolate fountain. (The unlimited mimosas and bloody marys are a nice touch too.) Make reservations beforehand--it's always packed.

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      x2 for Oystercatchers, if you gotta stay in Clearwater, Island Way Grille is nice too.

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        Absolutely...have had a nice brunch at Island Way Grille too. I just have never found a brunch I love as much as Oystercatchers! (How sad is that....:-)