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Apr 6, 2011 11:48 PM

What do you do with your soup chicken...

...besides make chicken salad? I'm talking about the cooked chicken left over from making soup, if I don't want to use the actual meat in the soup. It's not extremely flavorful but not bad either. I put some in chicken salad, and the rest is in the freezer waiting for something better—since we don't love chicken salad that much and have two chickens worth of meat (in service of matzo ball soup for Passover, which we serve as clear broth).

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  1. Chciken a la king, tetrazini, buritos, mac and cheese w/chunks of chicken and then baked, chicken salad, quick asian stir fry, essentially anything wheree you can add moisture to the dish.

    1. Spice it up with some Mexican spices and put it in Enchiladas! Always yummy!!

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        I chop it and make Chicken croquettes, or variations if I don't want to use dairy, e.g.I Make Chicken Cutlets
        or when I get lazy feed it to the Raccoons.

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          second that-shredded chicken filling-enchiladas, burritos, tamales! also good in a chicken lasagna.

        2. The old 90's standby - Chinese Chicken Salad. Enchiladas. Pizza topping with feta and spinach and pine nuts is nice.

          1. Chicken pot pie in individual ramekins topped with biscuits or puffed pastry.