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Apr 6, 2011 11:00 PM

Cholita Linda - any more reports?

I found this: but nothing else. curious about them, I'd never heard about them before..... Looks like they are a stand only, not a brick-and-mortar yet? I also did not know that Peruvians, too, call their indigenous women-folk "cholitas" (thought it was only a Bolivian thing.) Anyone been since that last post, or have they not been back to JLS since then?

(eta: my BF just told me that "cholita" is a term used throughout the Andean countries.)

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    Twitter feed says Cholita Linda was at Upper Haight farmers market tonight.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      ooh, wonder if they'll make it to our Mission FM once in awhile, whenever that reopens... Thx Melanie.

    2. rumors are cholita linda is trying to open a restaurant in the fruitvale district. ...

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      1. re: shanghaikid

        i talked to them a few months ago. they said they're trying to get licenses for a food truck...stops at SF and East Bay (OAK and Emeryville). they told me they eventually would like to get a permanent place. i suggested to them to talk to the flacos folks (berkeley FM) since they transitioned from doing markets to having their own brick and mortar place.

        They do the Thursday concord FM, which opens up sometime in the spring.

        My favorite fish tacos in the area. always get em when i go to JLS. some feel it's a little pricey.

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          Per majordanby's recc, I tried one of their fish tacos at Jack London Square Market one Sunday back in November 2009 and thought they were the best "Baja style" version I have tried yet outside of Baja. At that time, they were negotiating for a bricks and mortar spot nearby so I take it that fell through. I would love to try their wares again.

      2. They do still come to JLS farmer's market, as well as a few others in Concord, San Francisco that I'm aware of. I'm a regular at the JLS location. The tend not to show up when the weather is bad, but will typically post on their twitter feed to confirm the stop. I've never been much of a fish taco fan but theirs is excellent. Each $3.50 taco is two small grilled corn tortillas, a largish chunk or two of deep fried fish (tilapia, I think), a handful of shredded green cabbage with a few radish slices and cilantro. It's topped off with a red sauce and a crema fresca/aioli sauce, plus a chunk of lime as garnish. They also have a chicken version, and recently started bringing "seasonal" specials, like carnitas, which I don't typically try, being the creature of habit that I am.

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          They were doing a brisk business at the Old Oakland market last Friday and are setting up there again this morning. The fish tacos are authentic and tasty, with the battered and fried fish still warm from the fryer.

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            I tried a fish taco and a carnitas taco at JLS yesterday. Both were really good, nice combination of flavors and textures, good and unusual salsas, not the usual pico de gallo.

          2. Luke Tsai at EBX reports that Cholita Linda opened a brick and mortar last week.

            Cholita Linda
            4923 Telegraph Ave.
            Oakland, CA

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Enjoyed 2 carnitas tacos at the brick 'n mortar location on Telegraph Ave in Temescal the other day. They were superb: large-cut chunks of tender meat, a savory cole slaw, and an interesting salsa. Tortillas were thick and tasted really fresh.

              Missing: Heat in the salsa. And while they kindly offered me another small container of the same salsa, it was more of the same. So that was a bit of a disappointment.

              Excellent quality ingredients = more expensive taco.

              A nicely designed interior, but a very limited selection of items on the menu makes it a place for a quick bite.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I've been getting takeout from their Temescal location, and have been trying non-taco items on their menu. I've been very happy with everything, haven't encountered a loser yet. My favorites have been their as as asado sandwich and chicharron de pollo plate. Their black beans are fantastic and the pollo was served with a thick and creamy yellow sauce, it reminded me of the great cream sauce I had at Michel but more flavors. The yellow sauce was similar to the one in aji de gallina.