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Apr 6, 2011 09:41 PM

Do you use a lunchbox?

This WSJ article on the new versions of the old standby "lunchbox" got me thinking.

Do you use a lunchbox when you "brown bag" it to work?

I'll admit that I don't.

If I am not going to be eating out for lunch, I simply pack some fruit and/or granola or energy bars and that's enough to get me through the day. So for me, a brown bag, literally, will do.

Some of these new lunchboxes I have to admit are pretty snazzy -- esp. that lunchbox that looks like a computer case.

But I must say, I'm not a fan of faux bento boxes. Reminds me too much of a microwave Swanson TV dinners of yesteryear.

What do you use to pack a lunch?

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  1. I cook in large batches and take meals into work to share with a couple of the guys around once a week - something easy like risotto or lasagne (although once I packaged up 4 roast dinners out of leftovers, they liked that day!) and to transport it to work I have a blue plastic lunchbox with dancing robots on it. I got it for £1. People probably think I'm a little bit mad, but those lunches get from my house to the office in perfect condition and sit neatly in the fridge.

    Other days, no - I'll usually chuck a yoghurt and some almonds in my handbag and buy sandwich fixings at the start of the week to put together at work.

    1. You know, Ipse, you come up with some of the most interesting questions.

      I bring lunch to work in containers, and will carry them in a plastic shopping bag.
      Don't use a lunch box, though.

      1. The university I work for has a pretty strong brown bag culture, largely because many people use public transit/walk to work, and there aren't a lot of good lunch spots within easy walking distance of my half of campus.

        I have several insulated lunch boxes, all fairly stylish looking I think. I've noticed that younger women are more likely to carry pretty lunch boxes, while the guys tend towards reusing grocery bags or more utilitarian looking reusable bags/boxes.

        I occasionally pack bento sytle lunches, but just use a flat/wide 3 cup rubbermaid container, with silicon cupcake liners to contain items I want to keep separate. These containers fit nicely in the bottom of one of my lunch boxes with room on top for a couple of snacks.

        1. We use these - I love them!

          I particularly like the two compartments. I put cutlery and little snackies in the top compartment and the bottom compartment is usually a container of leftovers with an ice brick on top to keep it cool.

          1. I usually use this: . I'll fill the large triangular container with left-over whatever, the little container with a few nuts and the rest with a bunch of fruit or vegetables. I also have a thermos container I like for soup.