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Apr 6, 2011 07:46 PM

Cooking classes in Northeast Ohio?

My mom's birthday wish is to take a cooking class (or series of classes). I think that she's specifically interested in learning sauces, soups, and vegetarian meals. She lives in Kent, but could travel to Akron or Cleveland. Can anyone recommend a place that offers quality instruction? Many thanks!

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  1. Loretta Paganini's school just east of 271 in Chesterland has been around for decades.

    I've taken several classes there over the years and I'm currently one class into a 12 class techniques course for hobbists at her professional institute across the street.

    There's also a school in Hudson (Southeast of Cleveland nearer 480) where I took a few classes in the early 90s. It has since changed hands but here's a link

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      Loretta Paganini also does classes at the Fishers Foods market in North Canton, which might be closer for your mom than Chesterland. There's a link on the righthand column of the main page that takes you to the Fishers classes.

      Western Reserve in Hudson still has a good reputation though the original owner, Zona Spray, no longer owns it. There is a book in the works about the school's history, by the Akron Beacon Journal's food writer, Lisa Abraham.

      The Beacon Journal runs a list of cooking classes in the Food section on Wednesdays, where you can find Fishers and Western Reserve classes as well as those at other local markets, smaller cooking schools, the Cuyahoga Valley Conservancy, etc.

    2. Thanks to both of you for your suggestions! So helpful! And the Cuyahoga Valley Conservancy's site is a wealth of info in it's own right, re: local farmers' markets and local farm/food purveyors. Thanks for introducing me!