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Yuri's Night nibbles - ideas?

I'm hosting a "Yuri's Night" party this Saturday, celebrating 50 years of humans in space. I thought it would be easy to think of space-themed nibbles, but I'm stumped! Any ideas?

Thanks, all!

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  1. You could make foods that have to be squeezed out of containers/bags into the mouth. :p

    1. You would have to have "Tang" as a major ingredient. I wonder if they still make the satellite jaw breakers they had when I was a kid. ahh.. space dots freeze dried ice cream. And of course, you could have normal stuff and just give it a cutesy name like "Lost in Space" popcorn balls shaped like a robot. "Danger, Will Robinson"!

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        Oh! Lost in Space was one of my favorite shows to watch as a kid. I would watch it again now if it came to one of my satellite tv stations. It would be so corny now but fun.

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            Thank you Cheese Boy. I'll check it out. :)

          1. From the Nevada Daily Mail, Dec 18, 1972

            Astronaut Fruitcake. NASA recipe for fruitcake

            that was sent with Apollo 17 to the moon.


            From the Milwaukee Journal newspaper, Apr 8, 1970

            "Food To Watch A Moon Landing By"


            Tuna Spaceburger, Astronaut Fruitcake, Crater Cookies.

            From the Ocala Star-Banner, Aug 7, 1969

            "Moon Party Promises Out-Of-The-World Fun"

            Solar Meat Balls, Solar cakes, Green Cheese Moons,

            Moon Puffs, Half-moon Surprise, Moon Ice Melon.


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              Tri City Herald newspaper, Jul 8, 1969


              "What Will (Apollo 11) Astronauts Eat During Two Days On Moon?"

              Meal A: Bacon Squares, Peaches, Sugar Cookie Cubes,

              Coffee, Pineapple Grapefruit Drink.

              Meal B: Beef Stew, Cream of Chicken Soup,

              Date Fruitcake, Grape Punch, Orange Drink.

              Snack Items: Extra Beverages, Dried Fruit,

              Candy Bar, Bread, Ham Salad Spread,
              Turkey & Gravy.


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                Thanks for the great articles, Antilope!

              2. Salad greens of alfalfa sprouts, baby arugula, baby spinach, small romaine leaves... stand them somewhat upright in planters/pots as "hydroponics" (I loved Lost in Space too!). Have folks assemble their own salad (tongs).

                Moon Pies.


                Fromage fort (or simple cream cheese) with spices and parsley, dried or fresh = "green cheese."

                Pass a tray of appetizers: M&Ms grouped by color; purport that they are the pilled foods we were told to expect. "Green is asparagus, brown is steak, oh and please try the red -- that's my cherry cobbler."

                Do find an old book and print up a new cover that reads "To Serve Man"; prop up on back of table.

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                  haha, Moon Pies were the first things to come to my mind as well...

                  i'm not sure how well this falls under nibbles, but... mini toast squares with SUNNY side up eggs

                  Fried MARS bars

                  Mini UFO sliders

                  Crater cake - make a cake in a Pyrex bowl, and invert it, cut out bits off of the top to create craters and frost

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                    Fried MARS bars
                    don't forget Milky Way!

                    it's too bad Carvel products just suck now, because Flying Saucers could be fun.

                2. Does anyone remember these things that looked like long thin Tootsie rolls that came in individual paper wrappers--they came in a box of maybe 10 or 12. Came on the scene when Tang came out and were supposed to be an astronaut treat with lots of vitamins. I remember eating them and they were slightly chocolatey and dry--I might compare them to chocolate-flavored modeling clay. There may have been other flavors like butterscotch and peanut butter.

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                      Oh wow! That's them! Thanks for finding that article--now my husband will know that I'm not crazy (at least about these things).

                      Can't say I have fond memories about the taste, though.

                        1. You could make cake or brownie pops and mount little antennas on them.

                          You could possibly mold any number of things into spaceship shapes or rocket shapes.

                          1. For the record, I ended up doing "Food in bags" - duck and apricot rice for the savory, and chocolate raspberry pudding for the sweet. Looked horrible, but tasted great. I also put a bunch of spacey candies (Mars Bars etc.) in a space shuttle pinata, and found a bunch of (mostly Japanese) space-themed snacks. One was a takoyaki (octopus balls) flavored corn snack that was dubbed the "most artificial food ever" by my guests. We also had spacey-looking jello shots.

                            Thanks, all, for the suggestions!

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                              Ah what fun! Thanks for letting us know how it went. :)

                              Humm, octopus balls! Must try that some day!