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Apr 6, 2011 07:00 PM

New Restaurants in Montreal?

I'm headed to Montreal at the end of the month. I've been a bunch of times and have been to all the usual best places. Anyone have any suggestions for new restaurants? Anything new and amazing?

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  1. Yes, actually some of the best restaurants in town right now are also new.

    - Les 400 Coups opened at the end of 2010. Owned by Patrice Demers and Marc-André Jetté, who worked before at Laloux, Pop, Newtown...
    - Le Filet (from the team behind Le Club Chasse et Pêche)
    - Icehouse (from the team behind Kitchenette)
    - If you can stand the Crescent crowd, Martin Juneau from La Montée de Lait is now chef at Newtown... so it may be interesting to try if you liked La Montée
    - Lawrence (former Sparrow team)
    - Le St-Gabriel as been bought and revamp by a new team. Éric Gonzales is the new chef and its been getting amazing reviews (not here I think, but in newspaper)
    - Le Jolifou changed is style & menu.. and the place as been redesigned, so it's almost like a new place. There was a good review here a few days ago.

    If you also like bread & pastries. The best bakery and best pastry shop both opened at the end of 2010. Boulangerie Guillaume and Pâtisserie Rhubarbe.

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      Also new-ish (opened within the past year) and good are Le Chien Fumant and Tuck Shop.

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        Wow! These are all great suggestions. Thank you so much.

      2. One notable old (30 years old) restaurant has become new again - Le Piment Rouge. They shut down for many months and gutted and completely renovated the restaurant last year and reopened with a spectacular new dining room and a group of top chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants in Asia. They received some very nice reviews from the food critics. They also have a massive (20,000 bottle / 700 selection) wine list, with many inexpensive (under $40/bottle) options.

        1. I suggest you also look at the existing thread:

          1. Lawrence is great; it is in the style of St. Johns in London and other gastropub restaurants. This is a great restaurant with a very precise and good chef. Wines are excellent, and the menu is incredibly interesting, especially if you like "foodie" types of unusual foods. Lunch is very different than dinner, but very good for foodies, especially if you like organ meats.