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Apr 6, 2011 05:49 PM

North Vancouver Restaurant Recommendations


I'm gonna be staying at a B&B in North Van on Friday night, is there anywhere fantastic to eat in the area? If not, can you recommend a couple amazing cheap(ish) spots to eat anywhere else?


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  1. It depends what type of food you're looking for and what budget, but Burgoo is good for comfort food, the Edge Bistro is nice, Bravo Cucina makes good pasta and Mythos for big portions of greek are some options, as well as Mumbai Masala for Indian. North Van is full of questionable sushi restaurants that I would avoid, and there are also the usual Cactus Club, Browns, Milestones if you want casual.

    Mumbai Masala Restaurant
    138 16th St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M1T4, CA

    Edge Bistro
    3135 Edgemont Blvd, North Vancouver, BC V7R2N7, CA

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      If you like food then a visit to Ayoub's is a must-the place is literally a treasure chest of comestibles.

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        These are great suggestions, thanks!
        Do you know of any killer (also cheap) Vietnamese places?

      2. If you're able to get to West Vancouver, La Regalade is worth the trip:

        La Regalade Restaurant
        2232 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V1K4, CA

        1. The District Social is very good, the french fries/chips are AMAZING, Kilted chicken good too, my favourite is the Portbello tart.

          Sushi Bella is great - you will need reservation on a Friday night.

          Gusto Di Quattro (Italian) (might be a little more expensive that you wish for)

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            LoLo (short for Lower Lonsdale) at 100 E. 2nd St (east of Lonsdale) is good for their tapas, particularly cheeses and meats: