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Apr 6, 2011 03:59 PM

Restaurant / Private Room for Bday Party??

I have been tasked with finding a place for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday party this summer.

What we'd like is a private room that can accommodate about 20 people. Food-wise, we have a range of eaters: some vegetarians (most will eat fish but a couple won't) and a couple who prefer fairly straight-ahead-meat-and-potatoes type food. A few of the guests would appreciate more adventurous fare but others would be put off. So middle of the road it will have to be, I'm afraid.

Price isn't too important but the guest of honor has said she'll be uncomfortable if too much fuss is made so an ultra-fancy place is probably out.

The main consideration is that we can all be comfortable in a room where we can move around and chat with each other (most of the guests are coming from out of town and don't see each other that often). And it would be great if the food was good, too.

We're in south central Austin, just south of downtown and driving distance would also be a factor.

Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Cru has a good party room and an event planner that can help customize the decor and food offerings for a group that sized.

    Zed's also has a separate party room with an outdoor/deck patio and would be lower on price points most likely..the cuisine is more comfort food than Cru.

    These places are North, so that may rule them out for you. I'm not as familiar with the south area.

    1. Green Pastures seems like the perfect solution!

      Green Pastures Restaurant
      901 W Live Oak St, Austin, TX 78704

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      1. re: Optimista

        Excellent suggestion. Thanks. Anyone else??

      2. Uchiko has a great private dining room. The food is different and familiar enough (Fried Chicken to raw tuna and goat cheese). The room is beautiful and the service won't make her feel "fussed" over because the room has doors that close so the hustle of the place won't interfere

        4200 North Lamar, Austin, TX 78756

        1. The place that's popping into mind for me based on your "requirements" is Austin Land & Cattle (NOT Texas L&C) on Lamar near 12th. This may be more info than you need, but I've had multiple regular meals there as well as attended a rehearsal dinner in the private room with probably about that many people. Not sure whether you'd be arranging a pre-determined menu off which guests would order (that's how they worked it for the rehearsal dinner, and I believe we were to choose between filet mignon, salmon, or chicken), or if you'd be ordering off the full menu. No idea what prices run for the former, but if the latter, I think they're a good value for a steakhouse because the price actually includes your (generously portioned!) sides. Not sure what vegetarian options they offer, though I'd hope they'd have SOMETHING, but it'd definitely satisfy the meat & potatoes, seafood contingent. Its location and non-fussy atmosphere (though it'll still feel like a special occasion) also work in your favor here!

          p.s. Need to get back soon to compare/verify but prior to eating at El Arbol a couple months ago, ALC had my favorite preparation of filet in town.

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          1. re: RuthieBaby

            Thanks for all the suggestions. Right now I'm leaning toward Green Pastures since I think it fits my mother-in-law's style the best (although several among us would definitely prefer Uchiko and my carnivore father-in-law would love the steakhouse).

            Any other ideas?

            1. re: sw2000

              yeah, uchiko is pretty great. i hear green pasture's brunch is awesome..either way, i hope your night is amazing! (too many adjectives?? :)

          2. So where did yall go and how was it?