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Apr 6, 2011 03:13 PM

Bakers in Fort Myers

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where I could go for a wedding cake. So far I've come across Norman Love. Anybody know of any decent bakeries around Fort Myers that would make a wedding cake?


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  1. we used a lady in naples called ellas cakes for our wedding
    if u dont mind driving down to naples...

    1. Norman's cakes are works of art and delicious. Pricey but spectacular.

      Mason's is a go-to bakery across from Edison Mall that has good cakes but they are not iced with real buttercream, at least in my experience. They taste delicious, however. No brick hard icing base as is the fad (fondant) Their website is good. No need to drive to Naples.

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      1. re: LilMsFoodie

        LMF & srsone - Thanks for the suggestions! Both look very nice and will be checking them out.

        LMF - Do you know what the icing is made out of? I don't like fondant on my cakes either.

        1. re: duckfat73

          not really, I've eaten many of their cakes and they were all excellent, no matter the type.

      2. An out of the box suggestion is Gracie's Cupcakes, which are great. They have specialty wedding cupcakes and displays. They have an outlet at Bell Tower Shops. No fondant, just luscious buttercream. Congrats on your impending marriage(I'm guessing it's yours)!

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          I've had 4 different cupcakes from Gracies and have yet to find one that is really good. Way too much overly sweet buttercream sitting on a jiffy cake like cupcake. I've had ultra dry red velvet, some cappuchino chip hazlenut thingy, a miserable key lime one and another which I can not remember. Perhaps the Naples location is better. They sell ice cream at the Bell Tower one but the gelato is much better at the coffee shop there.

          Perhaps the Naples location has a better baker. I've had Ella's at several weddings and they were quite good. I even attended a cake tasting there with a bride to be.

          Looking for spectacular I'd go first to Norman's or Mason's

          1. re: LilMsFoodie

            I'm surprised to hear that LMF. I've only had cupcakes at the Naples location and they have always been moist. I agree that some are sweeter than others and I certainly have my favorites, including red velvet. Maybe Gracie spends most of her time at the original store and has less than capable bakers up north.

          2. re: RevrendAndy

            RevrendAndy - Thanks! Indeed I am the one getting married. I'll be checking out both Mason and Gracie's this weekend.

            My fiancee really likes the idea of a cupcake wedding cake. The more she talks about the more I'm being sold on the idea.