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Apr 6, 2011 03:03 PM

Nancy's Bar-B-Q in Sarasota

Nancy's Bar-B-Q in Sarasota

Before I get to our thoughts on the food, I have to mention our experience ordering. We're in Venice and had to go to Sarasota for a meeting so thought we'd call ahead to order and pick up. Two house of calling w/no answer we headed to Sarasota. Yes, they were in fact open for business. They according to a staffer "aren't prepared for to-go orders so they don't answer the phone." She said much of it is because they're so busy, but at the time (around 3.00) there were only two tables of people and the staff/servers were standing around. The menu for catering gives the same phone number, so I guess they aren't prepared for catering either.

To get variety we got the Texas Holy Trinity @ 18.00 (ribs, brisket, texas hot link) Ribs were OK. Hot link was small, seemed pretty lean and hot and tasty but not worth the 2.49 each (or 2 on a sandwich for 7.95). The brisket was fairly thick sliced, tasty and tender but the amount of fat throughout the slice made it inedible. Yech. I expect some amount of fat on any meat, but this was over the top gross with fat.

Sides were sesame slaw and edamame succotash, both good.

We will try again, but stay away from the pricier combo trays and go for a sandwich. Another guy waiting for his dinner advised us that the pulled pork was excellent. We'll try the other meats, but exercise more caution. I assumed since Nancy has been around awhile, the food kinks would have been ironed out.

Less that impressive but YMMV

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  1. Our second visit and we chose pork and chicken this time. Like the brisket, the pulled pork was so full of fat it was inedible. The chicken... was OK. Seems as though all the meat is pulled out of the smoker before prime time. The smoke/bbq flavor just wasn't there

    I forgot to mention the sauce. Unremarkable. Could be out of a can. Could be mixed by someone without imagination.

    Overall disappointed. Too many restaurants to try to spend time on those that are "OK".

    1. I couldn't disagree more with the comments above. I guess that's why food review is so tough. We each have our own unique perspective and taste of the food and service we receive.

      Nancy's has only been open a few weeks. And, granted the lines out the door would give any casual food observer the idea that what was being served inside the doors was more than extra special. But, when all is said and done it's BBQ. And, in my opinion, good BBQ.

      On one visit I had the Pulled Pork Tray. A big mound of delicious pulled pork. I chose one hot and one cold side. Mac and Cheese along with Red Skin Potato Salad. For $8.95 there was more than enough food and it was great. The pulled pork was better than I've had at most places.

      I know that some people won't like the cafeteria style food service. Or, the picnic tables, or the fact that sometime you may have to wait more than three seconds to order your food, but, that's why we have choices.

      I'll be back for sure. I will try something different next time. But, judging from the comments of the diners around me, everyone seemed pretty happy with what was on their tray.

      If you're interested in trying Nancy's, here's some more info.

      1. Went to Nancy's today for lunch. Got the nudnick, consisting of brisket, pulled pork, and two sides. the side were baked beans and Brunswick stew. Interesting that the brisket was inedible but for the opposite reason of OH2FL. It was dry as a bone. suspect it was the slicer and his lack of knowledge on how to cut a brisket. As he went for the end, l was first in line, and no fatty bits to ameliorate the dryness. the pulled pork was a bit moister but had little to no wood flavor. their two sauces are Georgia sweet type one with a little heat, other just sweet. Had hoped the meat would be pulled to order but was on steam tray and both meats were tepid, with the brisket almost cool. The sides on the other hand were hot and excellent. Beans were wonderful with deep smokey flavors and the stew was gamey, rich, and vegetable and cue filled. If l went again, it would be a side meal. Very nice owner and l was able to eat inside so was not hot with the A/C functioning. Fairly priced.

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          I guess I'm not sure how this could be "Fairly priced" if, as you say, the "brisket was inedible," "dry as a bone" and the pulled pork "had little to no wood flavor"? I don't eat BBQ so I have no direct interest here one way or the other, but it seems to me that a meal such as you've described is unfairly priced at any price. Just saying....

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              I hate to pile on but it has been my experience as well that the sides are far superior to the bbq. I've had two meals at Nancy's and on neither occasion could I get excited about the bbq. I am sure she can straighten things out, but something needs to be done. I think a big part of the problem has to be the number of people she is serving. I was desperate for this place to open but so far it has not matched my expectations.

              1. re: CFishman

                Sounds like they might be "rushing" the low and slow smoking process; if there is too much fat still in the meat a sign that it has not been given enough time to melt away and provide a juicy texture to the pork/beef. I guess with the swarms of customers, maybe some corners were cut in order to accomodate the crowds. Hopefully they will recognize this and expand theeir ability to produce product at the quality level that Nancy was known for in her catering biz.

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