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Places that serve UNACCEPTABLE food

We can't mention anything regarding the hygiene of such places. It's a chowhound board rule.

Only mention that the plate you were served was not good and the reason why?
And what did they do to make you happy about the situation.

Obviously some restaurant can serve you a delicious plate on one day while it's a total FAIL on another one!

So please do mention the reason why is wasn't up to par and did they fix the situation!

My first nominees is La merveille du vietnam also know as YOY on St-Denis see link for the reason

Yoy Cafe
4526 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J2L3, CA

Merveille Du Vietnam (La
)4526 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J2L3, CA

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  1. Folks, we do leave up these 'worst of' threads because helping people to avoid bad food is important. But generalized bashing of the entire city's restaurant scene doesn't further that goal -- it doesn't help people sort out the bad from the good from the great -- and it raises hackles and causes a lot of anger and hurt feelings.

    We've removed those replies, and ask that people focus on providing specifics of places they think are poor or overrated, rather than generally complaining about all the food in Montreal.

    1. In terms of bad food, I nominate maison VIP.

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      1. re: vanierstudent

        there's lots of good stuff at VIP
        maybe you haven't ordered it

        1. re: celfie

          Meh, I just feel is a gross misrepresentation of Cantonese cuisine, and considering there is so much more better in the city...

          what would you suggest if some of my friends decide to go on a drunken quest for general tao?

          1. re: vanierstudent

            not everything has to be culturally authentic.

            1. re: celfie

              Chinese food usually needs to be when you are of Chinese...

              1. re: vanierstudent

                How is General Tao that much different than Sweet and Sour pork which is considered "a typical" dish at chinese restaurants, ordered very often by chinese patrons? Both are deep fried, then in some sweet and sour sauce......... Just a thought.

                1. re: saltnpepperwhat

                  The sauce.

                  Traditionally, Sweet and sour sauce is traditionally made with Haw Flakes as the key ingredient. It has a more complex flavour than General Tao, which I don't enjoy as much.

                  But I find Maison VIP got some really poor dish based on Wok Hei. I guess it is only personal preference...

                2. re: vanierstudent

                  sorry vanierstudent but this comment does not make sense. You state that chinese food must be culturally authentic when you are chinese, but I am sure you are aware that there is no consensus that General Tao is even authentically chinese. And to say something is culturally authentic is to imply it carries some cultural meaning to all chinese. This is not the case and most chinese view General Tao chicken as fast food.

                  Finally, if you truly believe that General Tao (or General Tso) is of chinese origin, then you should know that the actual General Tso was actually from Hunan. So when you say that Maison VIP serves poor Cantonese then why would you expect it to serve good Hunan?

                  1. re: nextguy

                    There was an article in the NYtimes about it a few years ago, which stated the dish was invented in NYC by a chef from Hunan that was based in Taiwan.


                    Iv'e actually made a post about why I thought it was an overrated and inconsistent restaurant, but it was removed. Basically, the reference to General tao in my post was to the kind of crowd the restaurant gets at 3AM, which is when I was there the few times. I've had hugely oversalted food, and a few dishes that they forgot to put some seasoning in it.

                    I also offered my apologies for not giving out any precisions about my post, thus coming out as aggressive, and I'm sorry about it.

                    1. re: vanierstudent

                      Don't misunderstand me, my comments about your post had nothing to do about your opinion of the restaurant (which I do not frequent anymore for much the same reasons - the food just isn't that good). My comments were strictly about the provenance of General Tao, it's frequently misstated origins, and the idea that chinese need culturally authentic chinese food. Good food is good food whether it is authentic or not. A burger with truffles is not an authentic composition but I am sure a lot of germans would not say it was bad because of it.

                      1. re: nextguy

                        I should have precises this part of my response also.

                        By missrepresentation, I meant overly sweet sauce that is solidified by cornstarch. mystery meat tenderized with a mysterious process that is linked with the used of baking soda, and the like, the lack of dryness in the stir fried noodle etc...

                      2. re: vanierstudent

                        This is a good point. I've been to VIP several times...when I've gone on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, the food's been great/ Because of that, I also went there for some 3am post-bar eats, and the food was awful...just as vanierstudent describes.

                        Now I know to avoid the place for drunk food, and will continue to eat there for dinners. This is why it's important to have multiple reviews on a resto, and not to rely on just one bad review. I think anyone decides not to try a place based on a single review, or who doesn't consider all the details given in all the reviews, is someone who can't think critically....it's hard to be a food-lover (etc., etc.) without having such a skill.

                    2. re: vanierstudent

                      @Vanierstudent: I understand what you are saying. Even if a recipe is not cooked as the original cantonese it still can be delicious to me since I'm not from China.

                      For this thread, what would be unacceptable is being served the same dish with no flavors in it, being burnt or is not fresh.

                      You know that you will never have the real deal here in north america like you do in China. To many factors are involved.

                      As for VIP my experience is from 10 years ago and it was very good but when they had a staff change, I noticed that their food was to salty to my liking. I haven't been there since.

                      La Maison V I P
                      1077 Rue Clark, Montreal, QC H2Z1K3, CA

            2. Benedicts on Monkland. since the change in ownership, they can't even make a burger right.

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              1. re: C70

                I second Benedict's. I will never, never go back there after an astonishingly poor experience there. Details here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/759769

                1. re: kpzoo

                  I'll third Benedict's and raise you one Monkland Grille pizza. Yuck!

              2. Mr. Ma in Place Ville Marie definitely deserves to be mentioned.

                We went last week after reading some favourable reviews. The place was packed, which we considered to be a good sign. We were wrong.

                The food (we had 4 different plates to taste from) was so bland and boring that there was no point in even eating it. We all left half of our meals uneaten. There was no spices, no flavor, no seasoning. I have never had such bland food!

                We mentioned this to our waiter, who said that the reason there isn’t any flavor in the food is because “people like us won’t like it.” Even though most of the meal remained on the plates, we weren’t offered anything other than the blame for its boringness.

                If this meal would’ve cost $10/person, I wouldn’t have been so offended. However, the meal ended up costing each of us about $30.

                We weren’t treated well, the price tag was unbelievably high, and the food tasted like nothing.

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                1. re: kimberleyblue

                  I second Kimberleyblue. Mr. Ma's food was just downright awful. Speaking of Chinese I am so glad that Mahjongg closed as it was just a matter of time.

                2. I also have to ask maj54us why we are not allowed to talk hygiene? I have not read the regulations but I would think restaurants that pose hygiene and health risks to the Montreal public should definitely be included in these threads and that it does no one good when such a subject becomes off limits in a Chowhound section.

                  However, based on regulations I think the title of this thread should be altered a tad and for the reasons I already mentioned here (if my post was not yet deleted again)

                  However, personally, I would like to know which restaurant has hygiene faults that we, the public, have discovered.. We all love food here; we all visit and write about our experiences of food good or bad, so if I came across a blatant hygiene thing why should I only be able to alert my close friends?

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                  1. re: blondee_47

                    They don't allow hygiene discussions because they cannot trust that everybody will be truthful and objective in their reports.
                    As for the OP most unacceptable restaurants, my vote goes to Zyng in the WI, where I was served a stir-fry with chicken and veggis from the last century (yes, that's how nasty they were)!

                    1. re: blondee_47

                      Please see Chowhound's policy regarding health violations, including food poisoning, bugs, cleanliness, and foreign objects found in food:


                      If you have further questions about site policies and deletions, please feel free to email us at moderators@chowhound.com

                    2. @eat2much: We can't argue with someone who likes the taste of a flavorless meal. But we can share information on places that will serve you a meal that taste like a cheap quality frozen diner which brings me to my second nominee.

                      La popesse


                      Restaurant La Popessa
                      3801 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

                      1. I'm so disappointed with this place since it was highly recommended. My wife and I had supper at Chef AKBAR it was below average food and very expensive for the quality served. But the cake of this forgetable adventure was the naan bread.

                        Thus this review in the unacceptable thread. The naan bread they served us tasted like a 4 days old piece of bread that was reheated and plunge in oil. God it was awful. How on earth can they dare serving stale bread or naan like this is beyond me. It tells you everything about the professionalism of this restaurant. I wanted to say something but my wife told me not to eat it and if the rest of the meal is not good we'll just leave.

                        We had Lentil soup, samosa, bombay aloo, butter chiken, biryanni chicken and Palak paneer

                        I understand that no matter the indian restaurant you go to, you will always have different flavours. The food was below average in our book, the disappointing dish was the butter chicken. Not great for our taste buds so not a place where I would go for butter chicken ever again.

                        What I found funny is in writing on the menu something about that we must have patience since everything is made fresh. That's when I started hearing the micro wave bell sounds coming from the kitchen.

                        What was amazing is that freshly prepared food was on our table in less than 5 minutes. And I kept hearing the microwave bell in the background......

                        Not expensive for a supposelly high quality food from a great chef at 60$ including taxes. But way to much for the below average food that was not fresh at all in my book. It was more like reheated. It's a real and long process to prepare Indian food, they must adjust their price for the cafeteria meal we had. I think I'm going to bed now, I keep hearing the microwave bell at home!

                        Chef Akbar (indian and Pakistani)
                        15742 Boulevard de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, QC H9H, CA

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                        1. re: maj54us

                          Oh no, that sounds awful and very different from my experience there about 6-12 months ago. It's true it was more expensive for indian food but I felt it was lighter tasting since they don't use ghee; it was healthy indian food and there was no microwave being used. The food took the appropriate amount of time to arrive and it tasted very fresh. I'm sad to hear that it's gone downhill.

                        2. Awful food at an Indian restaurant on St. Denis near Rene Levesque. DH ordered chicken tikka masala (not my fave but his) and the sauce tasted like Campbell's tomato soup mixed with about a cup of sugar. Blech.

                          1. As mentioned in another thread I was so disappointed with this new place and the PAD THAI I ordered that I didn't finish the meal and went to another sure bet place on jean- talon.

                            I had won ton and the soup broth was good. The won ton on the other hand had so much doe that you could hardly distinguish the pork in there.

                            The main dish was just unacceptable . I had the shrimp PAD THAI which was made with spaghetti pasta and tasted like a "chef boyardi" can with to much sweetness. The shrimps were barely cooked. Not to much cooked and hard but almost raw. I just quit on my lunch and didn"t bother saying anything since I was in a hurry abd still hungry and didn't want to try anything else after being served almost raw shrimps.

                            Too bad good prices for lunch. soup was 3$ and the wannabee pad thai was 8.50$

                            They have been open for 5 months. They need to get a chef who can teach how to prepare basic THAI food asap.

                            THAI DELI RESTAURANT
                            300 JARRY EST, Mtl, Qc

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                            1. re: maj54us

                              That is a pity, as a nice, inexpensive Southeast Asian restaurant in that micro-area would be a good addition, and likely popular.

                              1. re: maj54us

                                He. He. I am imagining deer wontons, though why does it have to be only the female of the species?

                              2. Montreal is a great city for restaurants and we have many of them, good and bad. I tend to judge a book by its cover, dirty windows, old tableclothes. dirty menus all a dead giveaways that the dining experience is going to be bad and so I avoid unkempt restaurants.

                                1. Dans Le Noir (same kind of thing as O Noir) where you eat in the dark.

                                  Quite crappy food; but you think you don't go there for the food, but for the experience which is not as fun as it can be because it is so damn noisy that you can't even hear yourself talk and hear the waiters when then come in with the food.