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Apr 6, 2011 02:37 PM

custys lobster buffet, are they open?

haven`t been back, can someone tell me if they have reopened?

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  1. Custy's re-opened February 11. You should also consider Nordic Lodge in Charlestown, RI which many believe is better than Custy's. NL re-opens April 29.

    Nordic Lodge
    178 E Pasquiset Trail, Charlestown, R.I., RI 02813

    1. Custy's was supposed to open on 2/11, yet I drive by there almost every day and they have no signs of activity.

      1. I went by it yesterday and some of the windows were boarded up.

        1. A friend told me last week the owners decided not to re-open. Something about the owners getting older and having health issues. I never went I couldn't believe I would get my money's worth at that price.

          I hear Nordic lodge is good maybe try there.

          1. Custys is closed for good.
            The owners cited health issues and that it was complicated by the downturn in the economy.
            A catering company bought it and iis refurbing the place. they said they may open a retail store if things work out

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              Wow, Custy's was open for decades. End of the era of buffet excess.