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custys lobster buffet, are they open?

haven`t been back, can someone tell me if they have reopened?

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  1. Custy's re-opened February 11. You should also consider Nordic Lodge in Charlestown, RI which many believe is better than Custy's. NL re-opens April 29.

    Nordic Lodge
    178 E Pasquiset Trail, Charlestown, R.I., RI 02813

    1. Custy's was supposed to open on 2/11, yet I drive by there almost every day and they have no signs of activity.

      1. I went by it yesterday and some of the windows were boarded up.

        1. A friend told me last week the owners decided not to re-open. Something about the owners getting older and having health issues. I never went I couldn't believe I would get my money's worth at that price.

          I hear Nordic lodge is good maybe try there.

          1. Custys is closed for good.
            The owners cited health issues and that it was complicated by the downturn in the economy.
            A catering company bought it and iis refurbing the place. they said they may open a retail store if things work out

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              Wow, Custy's was open for decades. End of the era of buffet excess.

            2. I drove past it today. They are working on the building and there is a sign up for "Rebecca's (or Rachel's?) Restaurant".

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                If memory serves, Rebeccas was the name of the previous restruant located where Custy's was.
                Gourmet Galley owns and is refurbishing the building. They may eventually have a retail section of the building to augment their catering business

              2. I never understood the attraction to these places. Why spend $85 plus tax and tip for all the lobster you can eat? How many can you really enjoy in one sitting? I can stay close to home and order TWO double lobster dinners for about $22 each at any one of a dozen places. Not that I'd ever get past the first two lobsters. Ok, maybe three!

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                  From what I heard about how customers would mount an eating attack at Custy's, it was mostly along the lines of "go for the high end seafood, lobsters, shrimp, raw bar, no bread, skip the salads, don't consume alcohol, (?) maybe a little roast beef or steak, get dessert to go, doggie bag it, blah, blah." Everyone had their technique of getting their money's worth. Jeez, where's the fun in that.

                  When I lived out in that area, 80's era, the buffet was $50+, which was a big chunk of change for dinner out at that time. I never went to Custy's, opting instead for, like you, double lobster night at the local (my kitchen).