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Apr 6, 2011 02:08 PM

40th Birthday in Paris

I am celebrating my 40th in Paris this summer. Is there a trendy, fun, exciting restaurant with excellent food? I would like suggestions for central Paris. Thanks.

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  1. Yes there are fun and exciting restaurants with excellent food in central Paris.

    When in summer ? I hope not in august...
    Are you alone ? or in couple/family ?
    Money ?

    Are you looking for something particular ? michelin stars ? quirky bistro ? (very) good neihgbourhood places ?

    Things you absolutly dislike ?

    Help us help you.


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    1. re: Maximilien

      First week of August. With a large group of friends and family. No particulars. Just would like something lively. Someone suggested Sona, Cafe Constant, Georges, Le Pamplet.

      1. re: scottfrisch

        This is a grim time frame. Parroting the usual advice, you need to call your target restaurants to see if they will be open during your stay. Surprisingly, yearly closure dates are fluid. What was true last year may not be so this year. Good luck and enjoy.

        1. re: mangeur

          thanks! Unfortunately my birthday is august 5th, and not much you can do to change it. I don't mind the peacefulness of Paris in August. Was there last year and found many places open. It is what it is. Just need suggestions and I will find out if they are open.

          1. re: scottfrisch

            As a fellow Leo, I understand your angst. We are traditionally in Paris in early to mid-August when essentially all of our normal haunts are closed. We've tried some of the never closed Flo brasseries with most unhappy memories. We usually resort to simple tourist bistrots, an occasional pizza or Asian evening. If if makes you feel better, for several decades I have "enjoyed" my birthday at some unbelievably esoteric and certainly unexpected tables. I wouldn't trade any of them for a place at our traditional choices.

            Once again, if you have a target restaurant, email or call them to see if they will be open during your stay. And in all events, Joyeux Anniversaire.

        2. re: scottfrisch

          How many is "large group"? Budget?

          1. re: PBSF

            20-40. No set budget, open to all prices.

            1. re: scottfrisch

              For that large number, you will probably need something private, therefore not going to mingle with the trendy or the jet set crowd; definitely not if you want excellent food. For 'no set budget', skip the trendy and rent out a private room at La Grande Cascade. Beside the great food, the room and the Bois will be your entertainment; let your guests be the lively and trendy. Open in August.

              1. re: PBSF

                Good idea. I don't need anything for the jet set crowd....not my thing. Just fun and lively. Any other suggestions? La Grande looks decent but maybe a bit stuffy for my taste. Someone mentioned Georges, Cafe Constant, Sona, Le Pamphlet, Au Derier Metro. Any thoughts?

                1. re: scottfrisch

                  Georges is still probably consider trendy; spectacular setting; food? ok but not the excellent that you wanted; Cafe and Constant and le Pamphlet have good food; as for lively, it won't matter if you have 40 guest because you will booked out the entire place. Au Dernier Metro would be lively with good food. Sona? trendy yes, food? never been there.

                  1. re: PBSF

                    very helpful. thanks. anything else? 25 is more realistic, but same as 40 for getting table at small place.

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