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Favorite Olive Oil Cake

Have been asked to bring a dessert to a paella party on Saturday. Have a lot of oranges on my tree and thought an olive oil cake with some orange flavor might be nice. I've used the recipe in Marcella's Hazan's Classic Italian Kitcen and liked that one a lot but might like to try something new.

Anyone have a favorite recipe they care to share?

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  1. I love this blood orange olive oil cake. Have made it with regular oranges and with grapefruit also when no blood oranges available. the olive oil and citrus are a great pairing.


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      Thanks for this link, magiesmom. Made it yesterday, substituting a combination of tangerine and regular oranges. Tastes great - we'll see what the family thinks later today.

      (The search feature on this site may be the source of some complaining, but it certainly can produce fine results.)

    2. I love this one, an orange-almond olive oil cake, though I substitute some lemon juice for part of the orange juice called for, use more zest than they call for, and cut the sugar a bit:


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        That looks great, down the the brown butter glaze. I can't wait to give it a try. I think it'll replace my favorite olive oil cake--orange polenta cake:


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          I did end up making this for our dinner last weekend. It was a big hit! The flavors in the cake were very nice and the texture of the cake was fantastic. Personally, I didn't think the brown butter glaze added much and might have detracted a bit because I found it a rich flavor against those in the cake but everyone else loved the glaze. I might try just a light citrus syrup next time to see how that compares.

          Am going to try the other cakes suggested here soon. Fortunately my friends and family love olive oil cake as much as I do so I have lots of willing volunteers to help taste all these!

          Thanks again for the recipes

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            Yay, I'm glad you liked it! I make this all the time now, and I usually omit the glaze since I'm too lazy for glazy... ;)

        2. Oh gosh, these all look delicious! I"m going to have to try them all. I think I might start with the almond one as that seems appropriate for a spanish dinner but these other two sound so good as well that I see lots of olive oil cake in the not so distant future!

          Thanks for the recommendations!

          1. The Olive Oil Cake recipe in Rustic Fruit Desserts is delicious - Any combo of citrus works in it. I've made it with grapefruit, lime and orange, orange and lemon, and straight lemon with lemon icing. It's never gone wrong.

            1. I did a lemon-rosemary olive oil cake last summer, I'd imagine oranges would work as well, to echo visciole, don't be afraid to bulk up on the zest. I didn't even use a proper zester, just a coarse cheese grater. I think I found the recipe here on CH

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                Yeah, ever since I got my Microplane* zester I've become a zesting maniac! Almost everything could use zest, and recipes that actually call for zest can use MORE zest!

                *I'm sure a cheese grater also works just fine, but the Microplane can really zest a lemon in a snap. And I'm not even a gadgets person.

                (And isn't ZEST just a really fun word?)

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                  fun word, acerbic soap. but yeah I can toss that (the grated rind, not the soap) into just about anything and be happy. I may have a new best friend in zest. (heh)

              2. I have just made the Sauternes and Olive Oil Cake from Chez Panisse and it's absolutely delicious. Won't use up many oranges but it tastes heavenly.

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                1. Pulling this back up to add another recipe I tried. I was gifted with a bottle of chocolate olive oil so decided to try it in a cake. I made this Dark Chocolate cake using it....it turned out really nice. Served it at a 6 person dinner party and there was no cake left at the end of the night.


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                    There's a very good olive oil cake in Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything Vegetarian. It has orange juice in it and the grated zest.

                  2. Two non-citrus olive oil cakes I've loved: This one with rosemary and bittersweet chocolate chunks from Good to the Grain (though I use 3/4 cup oil and 1 cup milk instead of the reverse): http://www.thewednesdaychef.com/the_w...

                    And Alice Medrich's olive oil and sherry pound cake, which has a lovely flavor and terrific texture:http://www.californiaoliveranch.com/r...

                    1. This one is also delicious: I've made it using various kinds of citrus and substituting pistachios for almonds and even made a carrot version. I love it because it makes cake eating seem virtuous.

                      This makes a great breakfast/brunch cake.


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                        Just wanted to say thanks to everyone. Not the OP but these look fab. I've made a promise to do more cooking and baking in '12 and this thread is inspirational.

                      2. Made Leite's Orange-Olive Oil Cake this weekend - very nice complexity for such an easy cake to put together, and much better a few days afterward - definitely a keeper. Interesting how many trials he went through to get the cake just right.

                        1. A bit late for he OP, but since Spain was the inspiration for this thread here's a recipe for Bizcocho de Aceite de Oliva from Spain's most renowned pastry chefs/chocolatiers, the Torreblanca family.

                          The recipe is for the glorious Miró cake and the olive oil sponge is the main component. It calls for an 18cm 7inch cake tin/mould.
                          (It's Spanish so I'll translate but you'll need to use a tool from Google to convert the metric measurements into any annoying archaic measurements yourself :P).
                          750 g eggs
                          650 g sugar (not specified, default sugar in Spain is granulated).
                          500 g milk
                          600 g 0,4º (non acidic) olive oil
                          650 g flour - assume standard white flour with no leavening agents
                          80 g baking powder*
                          275 g ground almonds with the skins left on (freshly ground will make a huge difference).
                          1 grated lemon (peel only) - suggest you try no more than 1/2 a lemon for first attempt - see below
                          cinnamon powder (to taste).
                          Chinese 5 spice (a pinch presumably)
                          Adaptations - I've seen alternatively published versions of this with less (or no) lemon peel and without the 5 spice. Remember that this is supposed to be coated with vanilla egge cream and chocolate mousse so the lemon and spice flavour may very well be too assertive for a plain sponge.
                          *The other surprise is seeing 80g of baking powder (I've seen a similar recipe that calls for 10g but you cook this other version for 30 minutes at 160C). I assume the higher quantity is because of the short cooking time at higher temperature (and for the generous amount of lemon peel called for).

                          Best results are from sifting together the solid ingredients (except the almonds and grated lemon peel). But basically you put all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat together, add eggs and milk, beat together to emulsify and lastly.... slowly, keep beating whilst you gradually pour in the olive oil.
                          Pour into the cake tin (should be roughly 3cm high/just over an inch) and bake at 200C (392F) for approximately 10 minutes.