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Apr 6, 2011 01:53 PM

Kindle and Cookbooks

I would love to have a cookbook on my Kindle. Which cookbooks would you recomend for an intermediate home cook, who likes uncomplicated but tasty meals. I like American food and Italian and French. Not big on desserts or sweets. TY

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  1. I have not heard of anyone being happy with cookbooks on the Kindle. I would suggest that perhaps you download a sample of a cookbook and see how it works for you. I think that something with very few illustrations or photos would be best.

    1. I love cookbooks on my kindle. I take that thing with me everywhere, so it is nice to be able to make an impromptu stop at the grocery store on my way home from work or school and have the recipe right with me. I've only bought a couple of cookbooks so far... a quick and easy vegan one called Appetite for Reduction since my husband just decided he is vegetarian. And then I have one of the Hungry Girl Cookbooks. It fits into my lifestyle when I need something fast fast fast and have run out of ideas. I plan on getting more, but honestly, the appetite for reduction book has given me a few yummy meals, so I am going to be cooking out of that one quite a bit.

      1. I have 2 cookbooks on Kindle. I don't particularly care for the way they format and I've found the whole thing rather cumbersome to use. I sincerely wish I'd ordered these 2 cookbooks as hardcover books and in their electronic version.

        1. There are a few free cookbooks for the Kindle on the Amazon site. Even if they are not what you are looking for, it may be worthwhile to load them onto your Kindle and see if you like the format before you spend any money.

          Yesterday, I downloaded a slow cooker cookbook and also a mac and cheese cookbook. they were both free so I figured why not. I did notice a Hungry Girl book as well but skipped that one. Haven't tried cooking from either yet so not sure if I will download more or stick with tradtional hardcover format.

          1. Because I generally like some recipes from various cookbooks and on-line cooking sites and I have accumulated so many recipes over the years , I ended up getting a very good PDF app for the I-pad and started to transfer all my favorites recipes over. Maybe that's an option.

            Also, there's quite a few "free" kindle cookbooks on the Amazon site and I've downloaded most of them onto my kindle apps, on the I-pad.