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Apr 6, 2011 01:51 PM

Bouillon Bilk - 1595 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Has anyone tried Bouillon Bilk? I walked by last night and while it was empty and it had an appealing decor and menu. Thanks for any insight loyal hounders.

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  1. Is it officially open? I walked by on Sunday night and whilst tables were set and ready, there was obviously still some renovation equipment around and last touch ups being done....

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      I didn't notice any renos but sounds to me like they haven't opened yet. I hope they won't be defeated by the location!

    2. I went to Bouillon Bilk for lunch today with some friends from work.

      Minimalist decor, some antique wood, black mosaic tiling around the bar, nice and clean. The space could use some art on the walls, which are a little too bare right now.

      They have an interesting selection of dishes ranging from (if memory serves me well) a salmon burger, braised lamb shank (Moroccan style), pork belly (served with a grilled cheese sandwich), an interesting sounding poutine, a quiche (with veal tongue, brie and spinach), steak tartar and a few other choices I can't remember. Prices range from $13 - $18 with some appetizers in the $5 - $8 range.

      We were immediately served some fresh bread, which was warm and delicious. It's sourced from Mamie Clafoutis so not too surprising. The house ice tea was lightly fruity, refreshing and comes with a free refill.

      The salmon burger was made up of salmon meat that was minced together with herbs, lightly breaded, fried and served on a well toasted bun with some hand cut fries and garlic aioli. A delicious and ultra gourmet Fillet-O-Fish. The exterior of the pattie was light and crispy and the interior moist and not over cooked. Maybe a touch oily, but that's nitpicking. The burger bun reminded me of my experience at Umami burger, which can only be a good thing.

      Another friend had the Pork belly dish which he enjoyed a lot. Served with a grilled cheese sandwich it sounded like a strange paring, but he said that the chinese styled bbq pork belly went quite well with the sandwich which was also served with a poached egg on the side.

      Another friend had the Bailey's creme brulee for dessert, which smelled very good, and was enjoyed immensely.

      Service was polite and attentive.

      It's great to have a new appealing lunch option in the area, as (you probably know) downtown Montreal, especially around Place-des-Arts, doesn't have too many interesting choices.

      I'll definitely be going back to try out some more dishes and I look forward to seeing how this resto evolves.

      1. I had a delicious dinner there. Both starters and both mains were "here, taste some of this". Service was informal but helpful and attentive. Decor is minimalist/industrial, but I like that sort of things. Desserts were good, too.

        1. It's my new favorite in the area for lunch. Was there again today, the salad was exquisite (mix of cabbage, cranberries + other stuff I don't remember, in light creamy dressing), the cavatelli was very good - i didn't like the pasta itself too much, but the sauce was to die for - delicate but very tasty. I've also had the poutine with dinde confite, which was not my favorite (turkey was too fatty for my taste), the tartar is excellent, service is attentive without being too eager. The only thing I'm not too happy about is that their + 4$ option now only covers the soup or salad of the day, not any appetizer like it used to, which made it one of the nicest bargains in town.