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Cooking classes in Raleigh durham?

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Hello -

Does anyone lknow of cooking classes offered in the RTP area? I know Capri flavors has some. Any others? Any experience?


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  1. In Chapel Hill Southern Season does a bunch of cooking classes. I've only taken the knife skills class, but a friend took a different one and liked it a lot.

    1. 2nd Southern Season. Also, the Arts Center in Carrboro, and some of the parks/rec departments.

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        The N&O food blog posts updates on area cooking classes on a regular basis.


        Area Williams-Sonoma stores also offer regular cooking classes taught be area chefs, so you might stop by a store to get a list of upcoming classes. I took an entertaining class on how to make mole which was taught by Charlie Deal (of Dos Perros and Jujube) at the Durham Williams-Sonoma store.

        Dos Perros
        200 N Mangum St. Suite 101, Durham, NC 27701

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          Third Southern Season. Stop buy the class room or on line for a class list.

          We did sushi HANDS on . What a blast.


        2. La Farm does Bread related classes. Let it be known that Southern Seasons are mostly like sitting in on an episode of a Food Network show. If you are looking for something more handson, look elsewhere (with a few exceptions).

          Revolution does a class but it is super expensive. I do not know about C'est Si Bonne and their adult offerings. There is an Indian Cooking class provided through The ArtsCenter in Carrboro.

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            Can't speak about the other classes, but the knifeskills class at Southern season was very hands on. It would kind of have to be though.

          2. Lan's in Durham has Chinese cooking classes. I took a couple of series many years ago and still use the recipes and techniques over and over again.

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              Lan's ceases to exist. She will do classes by appointment (I think).

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                Very cool! My (Taiwanese) wife would love it if I could do more home cooking for her. Any way to get in touch with her?

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                  You mean she closed or is no longer doing cooking classes?!

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                    I mean that the store is no longer there.

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                      Wow. I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know.
                      How did I miss this?

              2. Revolution in Durham has cooking class once or twice a month on Sunday. Hands on followed by lunch. Sounds like a productive way to spend a day. I have not been but got a gift certificate that I will be using soon.

                1. As mpjmph suggested, here are the summer classes offered through Town of Cary

                  1. Has anyone done the Capri Flavors classes?

                    1. If you sign up for the listservs available through NC State's Center for Environmental Farming Systems you'll get all sorts of interesting food and sustainable agriculture-related emails, and I've heard about some really interested classes through these listservs, some traditional cooking some offbeat stuff as well. There was a neat mushroom cultivation class in Durham recently, as well as a class on fermentation on Easter (for homemade pickles, krauts, etc). Most of these are offered through indie groups not affiliated with the university, fyi. There is a really cool [sounding] homebrew class coming up May 21st that sounds like fun. Check it out! Have fun!