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Apr 6, 2011 12:28 PM

Pesach potato kugel receipe needed

Somehow I managed to misplace my recipe for potato kugel. My mother's had potatoes, eggs, matzo meal, some oil and seasoning, can't remember what else or proportions. The key was to heat the pan with some oil for a few minutes in a hot oven prior to pouring in the mixture, to ensure a crisp crust. Can anyone help with specifics? Also, any suggestion on whether/not this can be made in advance and re-heated? Somehow, I don't think it can, but it sure would help. Thanks!

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  1. This one is my family's favorite

    It can be reheated but I think it loses something.

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      You use a very heavy pot (old-fashioned kind) and cover the bottom with oil. Heat the pot in the oven and then pour in your premixed mixture of about 12 potatoes, 8 eggs, 3/4 cup oil, a small onion, salt, and pepper. It is excellent fresh and delicious when left on the blech overnight. Not so good reheated.

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        when left on the blech overnight???

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          i meant that it would be good fresh or if left on the blech overnight. the blech being the hard metal covering that we use on Shabbat to keep food warm. it isn't needed on a holiday that doesn't coincide with Shabbos, but we use it anyway because it allows us to warm up a lot of things at once. We serve the potato kugel on the first night and then leave the leftovers on the blech overnight to serve the next day.

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            Also try to make it in pyrex rather than an aluminum pan. It bakes much better.

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            This sounds like the old world Chadishe type of potato kugel. i've got to try it.

        2. Very, very, VERY important. Be careful when pouring the potato mixture into the hot oil. Be sure to pour the potato mixture AWAY from your body and into the oil. As the potatoes pour into the hot oil they push some of the oil towards the edge of the pan. I had a friend who was badly burned by hot oil spilling up and towards her.
          Speaking of which, after the potatoes have been poured in, there is often some excess oil around the edges of the pan. I like to take a spoon and get some of that oil and sort of sprinkle, spread it over the top of the kugel so the top gets a nice crispy coating too.

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            Yes on both points, helou. We do usually get a thick crispy coating on top and on bottom.

          2. Some follow up questions, the recipe referenced listed 500 degrees as the cooking temp - REALLY? I have never heard of anything being cooked at that high temp? I have the option of using convection roast (top element) or convection bake (lower element) - would you use either one of those? Doesn't sound like it can be made much in advance, but could I prepare it 3/4 way and finish just before serving?

            The big issue I have only one large oven and I want to make brisket for dinner, which will require re-heating at a low temp. Trying to figure out how to do both and have them come out successfully. Thanks!

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            1. re: Diane in Bexley

              Not sure about your brisket recipe, but mine calls for slicing the meat and reheating it in the gravy on the stovetop. That gives me the oven completely free for kugels, stuffings, etc. Maybe you could adapt your recipe to reheat like that.

              1. re: rockycat

                Rocky, thanks for the tip about the stovetop.Stupid me, I always reheat in a low oven. Can definitely do this stovetop and leave the oven for the kugel.

                Happy Pesach to you Rocky! Going to Denver to see my DD in May.

                1. re: Diane in Bexley

                  Enjoy! A Zissen Pesach and give her my regards.

            2. I found two things when making potato kugel. Heating the oil is completely unnecessary. And it all comes down to the potatoes. I like Yukon gold but lately they don't taste as well as they used to.
              Try this recipe: