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Apr 6, 2011 11:56 AM

After a holiday dinner do you give leftovers?

And do you give them to everyone or just certain people.

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  1. I always cook too much holidays or otherwise and I give leftovers away. I do have a priority list. My folks are in their 80's and live on planned overs from my sister and I. Next left overs go to anyone who contributed to the meal. They go in ziplocks or plastic dishes I have saved for that purpose and don't want back. I do keep back enough for lunch the next day as I enjoy the food more the day after.

    1. I do not have a "special class" for those with whom I share my table or my food. We are all equal and we all share.

      I cannot imagine in any nightmare, not sharing food with "certain" people but doing so with other "certain" people; the meal or the leftovers, holiday or not.

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        You have enough to send home with everybody?

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          If there are leftovers we share, yes to all. The idea to exclude someone is repugnant to me. Not everyone always wants to take something home, some folks only wish to have a bit of one or a few items, that is how it goes, But if all want all that is left, equal shares, yep.

          And the idea of not having enough food to feed everyone comatose is equally unsettling.

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            We have 30-40 family and friends once a month. I make most of the food but people also bring dishes and sometimes there is only a little left of one dish and quite a bit of another. The idea of parceling a teaspoon of this and that or cutting leftover hamburgers into thirds for everyone when it could make a meal for my folks would be across purposes for all of our way of thinking. I fix a box for them and sometimes a close friend who is disabled and may or may not even be present. I also send plates home to those who couldn't be there for one reason or another. I then offer what is left to everyone else. We've never really had a situation where we didn't have some leftovers for those who wanted them. Everybody is pretty sensitive to where the needs are in the group so it works out well. But if I have a hambone and my sister who brings a big part of the food consistently, wants it--she gets it. I'm not sawing that baby into 20 pieces.

            1. re: wekick

              I am glad you have your certain people figured out in a way that you feel good about, so do I, those ways are just different. That is also OK. As long as we feel good about how we share our love and concerns so that all feel that love and concern, we are all doing a good job, no?

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                Wow, 30-40 people once a month! And I bet you are super organized.

        2. If there are enough leftovers to make giveaways feasible, I simply ask if anyone would like to take anything home. Many folks don't, regardless of how good the meal was. And people like the elderly are a given. I simply force them to take leftovers home - lol!!

          1. I agree my father in law gets his choice first. He too is in his mid 80's and recently widowed. I don not see this as a slight to anyone else. I see it as a matter of respect and all that he has done for our family over the years. When it comes to other guests: because my husband, daughter and I did all the cooking, supplied all the alcohol and will be doing the clean up we get first dibs. There is always plenty more left over for everyone else. After the mess is somewhat cleaned up in the kitchen the remaining guests/family are told to help themselves to take leftovers. I do not get involved with that aspect other than supplying paper plates, baggies etc. If someone chooses to take half of pie and leave only one piece or cleans out a particular dish and leaves nothing for anyone else it is a matter between those guests. I have played referee before and it is a no win situation. I disagree that we are all equal.

            1. I like to share the leftovers with anyone who eats with me. To me it is a complement that people want to take what I make. Generally, I tend to cook extra for my small family as well, making enough for another meal or two.