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tons and tons of chroizo! what to do with it?

my parents are always sending me tons of chorizo. i've accumulated quite a bit! not quite sure what to do with all of it since the flavor is pretty strong. any suggestions for recipes that require a lot of chorizo? thanks in advance!

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  1. chorizo and eggs for breakfast...and anything else like onions,bacon..
    or a frittata
    i like chorizo and rice sometimes..
    add it to soup...
    chorizo pizza...

    those just off the top of my head..

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      ooooh! chorizo and rice! that would be awesome. thanks!

    2. if it's suited for cooking, i had a yummy tapas dish last night that was chorizo that had been heated in the oven until some of the juices and grease was released, then the chorizos and a small amount of the grease was poured over some sturdy potato chips. not health food, but a delicious snack!

      1. What style of chorizo is this? Mexican, fresh from a butcher, or commercially made in Texas or California? or semi-dry Spanish?

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          spanish :) some spicy, some regular...

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            How about migas, Spanish fried bread crumbs.

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                yes. In the Batali Road trip program a chef demonstrated it in the shadows of the Mancha windmills. The Spanish like to use coarse bread crumbs, but I think it works just as well with stuffing size cubes. Like hash it's a flexible dish.

        2. You can fry slices until it releases its oil and use that as a frying medium for vegetables or to make dressing. It is great in stews with chickpeas, chicken, apples and/or pork. Treat it like Italian sausage and make it the base for pasta or a flavoring for greens. It is very versatile and could fit in pretty much anywhere aside from dessert.

            1. Chorizo with braised lentils is yummy as the lentils are neutral.

              Cook like bacon and add to risotto.

              Roast in the oven with sliced potatoes. Sprinkle with scallions.

              1. thank you for all of the wonderful ideas!!! can't wait to get cooking :)

                1. Saute about 6 oz chorizo (in oil if it's dry), then add 1 chopped red onion and 2 or 3 cloves minced garlic. Saute until they are soft. Add a can of diced tomatoes, a can of chickpeas, a little fresh or dried thyme, and a quart of vegetable stock. Simmer for 20 minutes or so, then stir in about 5 oz of fresh baby spinach. Serve with crusty bread. We call this "Man Soup" because of the smoky, meaty taste. This is so easy you can make it after work and have it on the table in about 40 minutes.

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                  1. I often add sausage when I'm roasting vegetable as it adds a nice meaty flavour.
                    Try dicing the Chorizo and roasting peppers, courgettes, aubergines & courgettes in the oven.
                    I'm sure the smoky porkiness would be delicious.

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                      that's a great idea! i'm always roasting vegetables...i will add some in

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                        I do this, too. It's also good roasted with sweet potatoes and a little sherry vinegar drizzled on top.

                      2. I've made several very good dishes that combine chorizo with clams or mussels. Great as a dish on it's own and sopped up with bread, or served over pasta.

                        1. i like chorizo and potato pizza with fontina and some mozzarella. slice the chorizo, brown it a little, then saute thinly sliced potatoes in the fat with a little onion maybe. good with or without a light tomato sauce. also chorizo, potato, and kale soup is classic. lots of recipes out there.

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                          1. I posted a chorizo recipe I love in this thread on 3/29/11:


                            Kale can be used instead of collards, and you can also use more chorizo than the recipe requires.

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                              chorizo and collards sounds like a great combination!

                            2. Can't believe no one said paella!

                              1. Make mac & cheese with chorizo and peppers. I bet it would also be good in chili.