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Apr 6, 2011 08:54 AM

Favorite Bittman recipes

Anyone got any favorite Bittman recipes? I like his anchovy + cherry tomatoes pasta, gorgonzola + arugula pasta, pasta with fried eggs, pasta with sardines, chili shrimp, slow cooked scrambled eggs, swordfish with pimenton, chicken with creamed corn, cornmeal pancakes...

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  1. Is that first recipe from one of his books, or from the NYT column? His books were very helpful to me when I was learning my way around the kitchen, but I can't think of any recipes off the top of my head that were favorites. There have been a few threads on CH, most notably from the Cookbook of the Month, which will let you read recipe reviews from other hounds. Here are a few links for you:

    And here's someone who loved his pudding recipe (which I'd like to try soon):

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      Thanks! The anchovy pasta is a column. I actually love his tofu "pudding," too.

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        You are very welcome. The COTM threads are always packed with useful information, and it's nice to have the opinions of that crew (they really know their way around a kitchen).

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          yes, his mexican chocolate tofu pudding is so good! not even in a "good for having no dairy in it" kind of way, either!

      2. I'm hooked on his Flank steak marinade from "How to Cook Everything" It has lime juice, fish sauce, soy sauce ,and ginger among other things in it. Can't wait to fire up the charcoal for one soon.

        1. This is a good starting place:

          I haven't actually tried too many of Bittman's recipes, but the crispy braised duck and fennel and celery salad from the Minimalist list are both excellent.

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            Have you tried any of his white fish filets recipes from the NYT Sunday magzine?