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Apr 6, 2011 07:46 AM

High Road from Santa Fe to Taos - Any Special Places to Eat?

We will be traveling along this route, probably leaving Santa Fe around 3 p.m. in afternoon.

Any suggestions about places to eat? We could have early dinner or just a snack type meal. I'm just hoping to enjoy some good food along the route!

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  1. Apologies for barraging you with responses. I hope some other folks will chime in, but there aren't that many Santa Fe CH regulars.

    Once again, I'm a fan of El Rancho de Chimayo. The food is straight-ahead New Mexican, done with a little more gloss than most places, in a very pretty setting in the Chimayo hills. Chimayo is famed for its red chile, but El Rancho does a nice job with green too.

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      Finlero - Please don't apologize! You are being awesomely helpful!!!

      I was just on the website for Rancho de Chimayo and went back to Chowhound to do a search to see what else I could find - and here was your response. I'm assuming we are talking about the same place.

      Oh, I'm also looking for some Taos recommendations. I'll do a separate search to see what I can find.

      Again, thanks for helping me together a great trip!

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        Try Zuly's in Dixon (lunch tues through sat, dinner friday and saturday) - located on the High Road 46 miles north of Santa Fe, and 26 miles south of Taos. Someone told me that Sugar Nymphs in Penasco is good, too (although reviews told of grumpy service). I do love Rancho de Chimayo, too.

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          Rancho de Chimayo is a must stop if you've never been but know if you're taking the "high road", avoid the margaritas. Just my opinion, said knowing I could not eat there without at least a beer (or two).

          Sugar Nymphs is excellent but (from my point of view) lacking only in that they do NOT serve beer or wine. Food is too good not to accompany it with an "adult beverage" !

          Can't comment on Zuly's in Dixon only because I've never been.

        2. re: wintersummer

          You should be able to find Taos recommendations. Dragonfly, Orlando's , Love's Apple, Graham's Grill all good.

      2. Based on all these great recommendations, I'm all set. Grahams and Orlandos for dinner. Rancho de Chimayo for lunch one day. Now, I'm looking for a spot near Red River for another lunch.

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        1. re: wintersummer

          When we went to Chimayo it was closed....and it seemed an odd day for it to be closed. Don't remember what day, though.

          1. re: otisdog

            Website says:

            Open Tuesday–Sunday, November–April
            11:30 am–9:00 pm

            Open all week, May–October
            11:30 am–9:00 pm

            Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 am–10:30 am

        2. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Sugar's BBQ in Embudo Pass before this. Has the unthinkable happened and it was finally sold?

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            No doubt about it....Sugar's is great for BBQ and is definitely still there.

            It is, however, on Rt 68 - the low road - at mile marker 18.