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Apr 6, 2011 07:46 AM

Website for cheeses

I'm looking for a website about cheese, the flavors and how they compare to each other.

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  1. Nothing on a website compares to a real-life experience when it comes to cheeses. If you're near a Whole Foods (or any good-sized cheese-monger) stop in and talk to a person at the cheese counter and try (or buy) an assortment based on their recommendation (they'll sell you as small a quantity as you like). You'll get more in 5-10 minutes than hours of searching the internet. Start with unfamiliar cheeses as a jumping off point. At least then when you search the Internet you'll have a broader basis for comparison.

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      ferret, that is such good advice. Cheese is one of those pleasure experiences that requires tasting before shopping...or tasting while shopping..or tasting while asking questions.

      Just tasting!!!

    2. Hey JPC, I'm not sure where you're located regionally, but we have a fabulous store in Boston called Formaggio Kitchen---a gourmet food shop specializing in products such as artisan cheeses. They have great information on their website:

      Hope that helps!

      And PS, I think they ship, but you'll have to double check if you're interested in trying them in real time.


        There are 4 of'em for you... if you live near a decent cheese store the best thing is indeed to taste different kinds & see what you like. Steven Jenkins' book, 'Cheese Primer,' is also worthwhile.