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Apr 6, 2011 07:44 AM

Ottawa Chinese Food???

Can we get some discussion going on Ottawa Chinese food?

I would love some recommendations. Yesterday I tried Golden Palace and everything but the price was great. But the price considering the size of the dishes was CRAZY. I wanted the Lemon chicken but there is just no way I can pay $20 for chicken so I tried the sweet and sour chicken balls for $15. It was okay. I really like the all white meat because I have noted alot of places around here are mall quality various chicken parts which always turns me off. The egg rolls did not disappoint. I have never seen that style (open ended) in BC and i thought they were tasty.

The Royal Treasure Somerset was also good as they had Szechuan the way I like it (red). Didnt try anything else there but I probably should.

So what are peoples value Chinese food picks? And not just places but dishes. Please tell me why you like it! Thanks!

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    1. So Good on Somerset is some of the best I've had. The egg noodles with beef brisket are fantastic, as is the chicken in spicy salt.

      The other place I love is Veranda D'Or, which is well in the SE part of the city, on Lorry Greenberg drive near St. Laurent and Walkley. I have yet to have a dish there that I wasn't absolutely mad over. Definitely the best Chinese food in the city.

      For Canadian-Chinese, I go to "My Favorite Chinese" in Orleans on St. Joseph near Orleans Blvd. Delicious, MSG-free fare at very reasonable prices. Their spring rolls, spicy wings, and ho fen are my favourites.

      So Good Restaurant
      717 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R6P7, CA

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        So Good is my favourite too. They make the best eggplant in black bean sauce.

        So Good Restaurant
        717 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R6P7, CA

      2. Hate to say this (I believe someone on this board has said it before) Ottawa is not the best city for Chinese food. The Jadeland on Sommerset would be my choice, I like it better than the ones that you mentioned. The quality is more consistent than Royal Treasure, the price is definitely more reasonable than Golden Palace. They have Dim Sum everyday, they cook the dishes after you order them, so there is a little bit of wait. This is opposed to others like Chu Shing and Yang Tse, who cook Dim Sum in batches and cart them around. The specials on the board at Jadeland are also quite good. Try them out!
        So Good has been around for a long time, their Pad Thai is pretty good.

        So Good Restaurant
        717 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R6P7, CA

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        1. re: Pineapplehead

          I just found this gem on Gladstone last weekend: Harmony Restaurant! It was great because I'm Chinese and I was taking people out who like American Chinese food. We were all very happy!!! My friends liked the sweet and sour sauce and general Tsao Chicken while I loved the traditional cold dishes.

          The restaurant is clean and it has a cozy atmosphere. It's run by a cute young couple who are recently from China. The food is Northern style with a great selection. Prices are good.

          Try it out; you won't be disappointed!

        2. Value picks
          jadeland on somerset. The set menus are a good deal.
          Chu sing has a snack menu. Great if you are eating alone and want a variety. Dishes are 4-8$.
          Chu sing is across the street from yangtze and upstairs on somerset