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Apr 6, 2011 07:34 AM

Dining in Belfast

We'll be in Belfast for four days. Any restaurant and/or pub suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Pubs;
    The Garrick
    The John Hewitt
    The Spaniard

    The Morning Star
    Ginger Bistro
    James Street South

    James Street South
    21 James Street South, Belfast BT2 7GA, GB

    1. Thank you! If you do know Belfast well, I have one more question. Any suggestion for hearing music, pubs that have live music? Thank you again!!! Can't wait for the trip!!!

      1. What sort of music are you after and what days of the week is it?

        My favourites would probably be Thursday and Friday in the John Hewitt, pretty solid cover band on Thurs and 6ish piece jazz on Fridays.
        The Garrick is good on a Sunday for a younger crowd.

        Black Box may also be worth considering, not a food place but good live music from up and coming folk,

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          We'll be there Thursday through the week-end so we'll check out John Hewitt one night. Thanks. We were hoping for some traditional Irish music too....maybe in a pub setting.

        2. Great recs from Steve_K - especially the Ginger Bistro, our current favourite in Belfast.

          You might also like the Mourne Seafood Bar - excellent seafood. We had fantastic squid, scallops, and langoustine risotto there last year. Book ahead, it gets very busy.

          Don't miss the Spaniard (great quirky decor), but also consider the award-winning Merchant Hotel for some pricey but excellent cocktails. Lovely atmosphere in an old-world luxe setting.

          If you're there on a Saturday, do visit St Georges Market to check out some great local and internation produce, as well as great value street food stands.


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            Oh; I'd forgotten The Merchant! Bert's jazz bar is worth a visit.

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              Thank you! We leave tomorrow and I can't wait to check out some of these suggestions! Calling Mourne Seafood Bar today for a reservation!

            2. Just got back from Belfast. Mourne Seafood Bar was fantastic from the plate full of langoustines, oysters to the salmon fillet on risotto cake. Service was friendly, fast and unobtrusive and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The sticky toffee pudding was apparently a winner though it disappeared before I could try any.
              My other outstanding meal was at Ginger's Bistro. A starter of crab and celeriac salad was fresh tasting with deliciously garlicky crisp breads servings as a great texture contrast. However, it was the lamb rump that was fantastic. I barely squeezed in a cheese plate for afters but it was well worth it. The friendly staff reassured me that I was free to return soon as the menu changes regularly.
              The St George's market on Sunday was a good spot for brunch. Cheap, fun food and a bit of live music too. Try the milkshake stall and the vegetarian Indian food.

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                I'm so pleased to hear that you ate well at both Mourne and Ginger Bistro. We found service in general in Belfast was much better, more knowledgeable and friendly, than in London.

                St George's Market is a must for any foodie on a Belfast trip. Great 'street food' type stalls and lovely gifts to take home. The locals are lucky to have it - the fresh fish, meat and the wonderful spice stall are a treat.

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                  Tried to add links to the venues mentioned but Chowhound won't let me...

                  Ginger Bistro
                  7 Hope St, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT12 5, GB

                  Mourne Seafood Bar
                  36 Bank St, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT1 1, GB

                  The Merchant Hotel
                  16 Skipper St, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT1 2, GB