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Apr 6, 2011 07:01 AM

North End Restaurant Lunch for 40 people on a "fixed-price" of $15/person??

I am trying to help a church group organize an outing to the North End on a Sunday morning in late May. They would like to have lunch in the North End, anything hearty, really, like a plate of pasta and/or chicken, but are trying not to spend more than $15 a person. I have seen prices go up considerably in recent years, and the family-friendly places (and prices) I remember as a kid, like the European or Felicia's, are long gone. Does a place for about 40 people still exist in the N. End, at a price which now seems quite low for the area? Umberto's is closed on Sunday's, or I'd just send them all there to do lunch, rosticceria-style. Thank you for any suggestions!

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  1. Pretty sure they can handle a large group.. And it's a decent enough spot for a lunch.

    Lunch specials under $10 too. Make sure you can get that price with a huge crowd.

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      I was going to recommend the same. Perhaps the group is large enough to fill up the entire lower level? The lunch specials top out at $14.95 for the osso bucco (which is only alright ... but, again, only 14.95!), but most are around $10. Yes, make sure you can get the lunch SPECIALS.

    2. You may want to try Mother Anna's.....they have a larger room downstairs, and it's solid, family-friendly, basic Italian-American.

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        That was the first place I thought of (based on previous discussions on this board) but they're not open for lunch on Sundays.