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Apr 6, 2011 06:51 AM

Private rooftop event?

I am looking for an exclusive rooftop venue to have a small private party (35-40ppl). Any suggestions?

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  1. Charlie Palmer's has a ridiculous rooftop, but I'm not sure what the size requirements are and it is probably very expensive. I did go to an event there a few years back with 150 ppl. Food is of course amazing!! Great views of the capitol.

    1. Tabaq has an awesome upstairs patio space with a glass roof that retracts in nice weather - the view is great, also, although it's the view over the neighborhoods north of U St, not the mall. It feels very authentic DC to me. I know they rent out the whole space as a couple was in there asking about it the last time I was there. Really nice ambiance, but also very laid back and unpretentious-feeling. The drinks we had were great.

      Naturally, you could go with POV, but I bet they cost twice as much. Still, I know they reserve out the front area on the other side of the bar for private parties, and I'm sure that's more cost effective, but I don't think the service is very good there, and you're still sharing the bar with the rest of the lounge.

      1. The rooftop at POV/W Hotel is pretty amazing. Not sure what the pricing goes for a private event up there but it would be a really nice event.

        Marvin on U Street also has a nice rooftop and I know they will let you rent it out for a private party.

        U Street Cafe
        1301 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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          While I think Marvin's rooftop is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon, I'd definitely describe it as rustic/casual. They have great food, though, and a long bar with a space that's great for mingling.

          Also, is anyone but me pissed that the neighborhood nixed Churchkey's patio?

          1. re: Raids

            Agreed Marvins rooftop deck is a nice place to chill and the food is good.