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Apr 6, 2011 06:45 AM

Soft Shell Crabs?

Hi Hounds,

Anyone seen soft shell crabs on the menu yet?


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  1. You can always get the frozen kind cooked at many asian restaurants, but I think the season for fresh is still a few weeks away.

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    1. re: lc02139

      I was just in SC and the season hadn't started yet. They have a small fishery that the catch stays local and the big producers to th N are generally a few weeks after.

      I'm not personally a fan of frozen.

    2. Funny you should ask this because I just had some last night at Island Creek Oyster Bar. It was a relatively large crab fried tempura style over a bed of salad and avacado. The salad itself was forgettable, but the soft shell crab was incredible. $23 for the dish.

      Island Creek Oyster Bar
      500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

      1. Dumpling Cafe had some on their blackboard specials list the other night, although they were small relative to the big juicy ones one typically sees later in the season. Their batter was a bit clumsy and salty, though.

        1. If your talking fresh- the molting season begins the first full moon of May.That's May 17th this year.

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          1. re: Blue Point

            i see live soft shell crabs in chinatown in new york city even in October; what gives? I wonder if they are still available.

            makes me want to move to manhattan.

          2. The original comment has been removed