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Apr 6, 2011 05:32 AM

Recommendation for a work dinner near the Westin at Liberty Place

I will be in Philly for a conference next Sunday- Tuesday. We have Monday "free" and I have organized a dinner for a group of us that will be attending the conference. I am looking for a restaurant within walking distance of the Westin that is reasonable (we'll all be paying our own way-- I'm thinking entrees in the $15-$30 range as opposed to the $25 to $40 range) and delicious. There will be 8 of us so a place that can handle a larger group would be terrific. I'm fairly adventurous when it comes to dining but I'm not sure about the rest of the group... thank you in advance for your assistance!

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  1. Figuring you probably want a place that takes reservations, isn't "small plates" and isn't BYOB?

    I'd suggest Dandelion on 18th and Sansom. It's a recently opened british-type gastropub with really good food and beers. It's part of the Starr restaurant empire, but I think it's really a stand out place. Looking at if you're willing to eat at 6:30 they can accommodate your group of 8.

    The other place I thought of, if the group can agree to Mexican, is Tequila's on Locust, between 16th and 17th.

    That area is very walkable, and the restaurant and bar scene is generally south of the hotel.

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      +1 Dandelion, seems like the perfect fit given OP's criteria. It's pretty hot right now so reserve as soon as you can.

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        Dandelion is actually quite expensive, in my opinion - fish and chips for $21? And I would say the same for Tequila's which I've always said was really over-priced Mexican.

        As urbanfabric stated, there are a wealth of restaurants in the immediate area of Liberty Place. Those on Walnut Street might be in excess of your desired pricing, but that's not to say there isn't a place to suit your needs. There are some spots on Chestnut that have great food and lean more towards casual, Devil's Alley comes to mind. If you're into a fun scene and consistent food on a large menu, I'd also suggest The Continental. Both menus have a lighter fare selection.

        I've always loved Happy Rooster, but not sure they'd be able to accomadate. There are a ton of BYO's in the area if you felt like stopping by the liquor store just a couple blocks away from the hotel?

        1. re: sean_f

          Yea it's not cheap but definitely in OP's $15-30 range. The pork belly entree is $15 I think and is popular. And that is a real nice piece of fish you get in the fish and chips. You do get screwed on drinks, which will really run up the tab. A pour of Macallan 12 was $17.50!

          1. re: barryg

            That's ridiculous.

            Is there anywhere to get a fair-priced glass of scotch in this city? Or a glass of wine? I can't handle the mark-ups that have become so commonplace at our trendy restaurants.

            1. re: nwinkler

              Watkins Drinkery in South Philly has a small but affordable single malt list. I don't think anything is over $10. Food is pretty good, too. Just a small neighborhood joint.