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Apr 6, 2011 04:31 AM

Sunday lunch in or near Pittsfield?

Looking for a place for Sunday lunch or brunch in or near Pittsfield. Have been to the Dakota many times. It is OK. Any style, but Italian, Greek, Thai preferred. Would like to try something different.

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  1. Best Sunday brunch in the Berkshires is at Brix Wine Bar & Bistro in downtown Pittsfield. Truffled egg toast is divine, as are the spicy bloody marys. Cafe Reva on Tyler Street is very casual but has amazing breakfasts and lunch, open until 2pm I think & serving breakfast until then. There's a new Indian restaurant that may have a lunch or brunch buffet on Sundays. It's located on the outskirts of town in the Allendale Shopping Center. (Yup, Sunday lunch buffet. I've eaten there for dinner. Excellent. They havve a branch in Great Barrington as well.)

    Cafe Reva
    238 Tyler St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

    Brix Wine Bar
    40 West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

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      2nd Haven.
      Yes,it's pricy what what good food isn't.

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        Just wanted to express my thanks for the Aroma rec. We stopped there for the Sunday Lunch buffet yesterday on our way home from Williamstown and were incredibly impressed. The selection, food quality/taste (although maybe could have been a tad spicier) and overall value were all superb. Their garlic naan was some of the best I've had and I'd say the buffet was one of the best we've tried. And we've been to some good ones. But this one was better than good! We thoroughly enjoyed our meal there. The vegetarian selections were as delectable as the meat stuff (I think I at least had a taste of everything on offer). I would not hesitate to recommend this place or return myself. Loved it. THANKS!

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          We like Aroma very much too, having eaten once from the regular dinner menu (excellent) and once from the weekday buffet, which included more than the usual suspects. Were disappointed in the lack of spiciness in the buffet choices, and we would have preferred to order off the regular menu but it was not available, only the buffet ( I don't like that ).
          They has curried goat on the buffet and on the menu, not generally easy to find in Pittsfield.

      2. Haven Bakery in Lenox is very good. It can get a bit crowded and parking is lean, but it's worth a visit.

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          Haven is way overpriced...... second Brix

          40 West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

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            Haven is hideously overpriced, especially given the hideous breakfast we had. Hate their convoluted self-service approach, which didn't suit such a small restaurant. If I wanted to serve myself, I would have stayed home and cooked myself a scrumptious breakfast. Save your time and money; avoid Haven.

            1. re: terrierboy

              I have to agree. In April 2011, I thought that it was very good, but the last two times that I ate there, I wasn't pleased with the food quality. I don't know what has changed, but it's definitely not for the good.

        2. I know it is not that popular on these boards but Jae's Spice (pan-Asian) in Pittsfield could be worth a try, I tend to think it is better for lunch than dinner.

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            Jae's Spice is closed, replaced by Dragon Spice. Reviews on CH have been mixed. Reportedly they will be serving lunch after July 1.

          2. Thanks to all for the suggestions and descriptions. I will provide a report of our venture. And I welcome any other suggestions that might come along.

            1. I disagree about Haven...I eat there every few weeks and find the food to be really good. There is a REASON it is always crowded. As for the prices, I know from those in the business how much food costs have gone up, and I do not think the 10 or 12 dollar price point for what you get there is outrageous at all. As for self service, that is how THEY tend to run their operation...I do believe Haven is not the only restaurant in Berkshire County or anywhere else to have that setup. I will continue to eat there because it is good, and, I do consider it to be value for the money.

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                  Sorry to disagree, but I don't want to pay between 10-12 dollars (each) for an omelet and potatoes swimming in grease and rubbery "pancakes." Maybe Haven has upped its game, but I doubt we'll bother to find out. I can make excellent versions of these foods at home for half the price. We all know food prices have gone up, and I do empathize with restaurant owners/chefs. We can't afford to dine out that often these days, so we prefer to spend our money where we can be served, rather than maneuver through hordes of rude touristas. When we want an excellent breakfast, we'd rather drive to Manchester, CT for a great meal at Sherrie's Cafe.