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Apr 5, 2011 11:36 PM

Grote & Weigel dogs at retail in Greater Boston?

It's the dog that Speed's uses, and I wonder if it can be found at retail locally. The one I'm talking about is all-beef, natural casing, a half pound.

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  1. Johnny's Foodmaster carries Grote and Weigel products and the Alewife store has carried the normal size dogs at the deli counter seasonally. Not certain how the 1/2 lb ones are sold to hazard a bet on whether they might be willing to order them.

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      FYI, Johnnie's Foodmaster appears to have stopped carrying Grote and Weigel in general -- in Somerville no brats, or anything packaged, and definately no franks in the deli case (which does have pearl 1/4s). I'll have to see if another local retailer has picked it up and complain to Johnnie's. They have Deitz and Watson franks on sale right now, but normal (1/8th lb?) size.

      Johnnie's Foodmaster
      45 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143

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        MCSlimJB just to update this none of the Grote & Weigel products have returned to Johnnie's and they have replaced with a larger assortment of frankfurters, plus things like the Applegate "uncured natural" (eg which replace nitrate cures with nitrates from celery juice to avoid "nitrites") stuff a shame if you ask me. I also haven't found G&W at any other supermarkets, so I wonder if whoever was distributing it stopped carrying the product.

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          Just to correct my update, DeMoula's this week is advertising Grote & Weigel ham steaks which was the main other local retailer I had wondered about above. As of last Sunday no dogs at the deli or in the display, but I certainly will ask the deli manager about them and orderability sometime in the near future.

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            Good to know, itaunas, thanks!

            Ruhlman took his prose knife to the "nitrates-free" hoax recently:


    2. Last time I was at speeds he was selling ungrilled dogs. Don't remember the price.



        if u contact them they may be able to tell u where they are sold..
        if not u can order them also...
        they are located in CT