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Good eats in Galveston, TX ?

Im traveling to galveston next month for my job and im wondering where are some good places to get my grub on. I've read some reviews on yelp and ive found two places so far - shrimp n stuff ( i think thats what its called ) and Yamatos japanese sound fabulous to me.

love me some per diem LOL

stay hungry my friends.........

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  1. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gumbo-B...

    Gumbo Bar. I haven't been to the one in Galveston but went to their new location in League City and it's very good.

    1. Shrimp n stuff is casual, pay as you order, mostly fried seafood. Which is why I like it! :) It is also mostly locals that eat there, not tourists. I haven't been to Yamatos, but Sky Bar has good sushi. Try Press Box for sports and good bar food. The Spot is super popular with Islanders and visitors for burgers and beer and a vast deck overlooking the Gulf. One of my favorite places on the Island (and I spend a lot of time there) is Mario's Seawall Italian way on the east end, about 5th Street. Good pizza. Skip the buffett and order from the menu. Have fun! And let us know what you liked and didn't like!

      Press Box
      2401 Post Office St, Galveston, TX 77550

      Mario's Seawall Italian Restaurant
      628 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

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        I enjoy Benno's on the Seawall and Mosquito Cafe. Had a beverage at the Gumbo Bar prior to a show at the Opera House. They were packed and everyone was enjoying their meal. Have heard good things about Paco and Rudys.

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          +1 Mario's. Galveston really has lots more tourist food than great food, but Mario's ispretty reliable.

        2. For island style fine dining I highly recommend 901 Postoffice. They are only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Probably the best restaurant on the island these days.

          In the east end I would also suggest Mosquito Cafe, and Sunflower Bakery. Both are great places with food that is not the usual.

          Second The Press Box if you are looking for basic pub grub. PB tends to be our island Cheers.

          Press Box
          2401 Post Office St, Galveston, TX 77550

          The Sunflower Bakery & Cafe
          512 14th St, Galveston, TX 77550

          1. Also, Adam R Jr., keep in mind that most of the eating establishments on the Island are owned by the Landry Corporation. As such, it is mostly mediocre, high priced, resort food. I will say though, that I had a delicious red fish at Fisherman's Warf not too long ago, which is one of the many Landry establishments. The restaurants mentioned here so far are not Landry places.

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              See also,


              @Swamp, is the Palm M&M still there? I don't recall seeing it.

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                I don't think the Palm M&M ever came back after Ike, but I could be wrong.

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                  Never been here but did a little research online this morning.

                  Apparently, another restaurant called M&M has reopened in that space but doesn't have anything to do with your old favorite as the owner/chef of The Palm M&M is now the chef at Yaga's on The Strand.

                  LINK, (Top Story): http://theislandermagazine.com/?tag=g...


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                  Palms M&M did not return after Ike, but it has been reopened by new owners at just M&M. I have not been so I can't speak to food quality etc.

              2. As the Cookie girl said Benno's is good and casual. I like the fried oysters, grilled oysters, and the Cajun crabs. The crabs take some time to eat, so if time is an issue I wouldn't order them. They may also have crawfish this time of year, I had them once, they were quite large, but I didn't care for the seasoning. Mario's does a pretty good pizza, and sometimes I get one to go on the way back from fishing. A place not swamed by tourists is Clary's, to your right just off the causeway. I haven't been since it was trashed by Ike, maybe the storm was a small blessing as the decor was pretty worn. Across the ferry in Crystal Beach is Stingaree, a good place for crabs, their specialty. The ferry can be tricky, with a twenty minute to two hour wait. Avoid the ferry on weekends.

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                  I was just in Clary's not that long ago. The decor is decidedly still not the reason to go. The food was outstanding, just as it's always been since Mr. Clary left the Pelican Club several decades ago and went into business for himself.

                  You're right that not many tourists know about this place. It's very old school. And Clary himself is still there, slightly more stooped these days, but still overseeing everything.

                  He's my hero.

                2. Another vote for Mosquito Cafe. Go ahead and order the lemon cake while placing your initial order. You will definitely pass up on will power when you see the table next to you enjoying it. Divine!

                  Mosquito Cafe
                  628 14th St, Galveston, TX 77550

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                    Mosquito Cafe is a great find. Sky Bar for sushi was pretty solid. I've been to Paco & Rudy's and Saltwater Grill....kind of pricy, not great. Unfortunately, you are a bit of a captive audience there, and the food seems to reflect that.

                  2. Just got back from DiBella's Italian restaurant. Had not been in years but this was some delicious food. My filet steak was grilled perfectly to medium rare and almost fork tender; the red pasta sauce was also delicious. I checked out all 12 of my coworkers' plates and everyone had something wonderful looking. There wasn't a complaint to be heard. It's at 31st and Ave P. There are some not so great reviews on the net about this place; but we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience and will make this our go to place for our lunch special occasions.

                    1. Speaking of Galveston I enjoyed some fantastic tidbits at 901 Postoffice last night on the island. My dining companion and I decided to forgo actual entrees and instead did a tour of their starter menu accompanied by a nice bottle of Prosecco. We did this on their lovely patio on what may be the last comfortable night in the area until next October.

                      The smoked Texas sausage on corn cakes topped with quail eggs and then drizzled with a Tabasco butter sauce was fantastic. Let me tell you that was some kind of good. The owner told me the sauce was quite spicy, but I found it to be just the right compliment. I also enjoyed the richness of the quail eggs.

                      We also had the lump crap cakes served on German slaw with a bit of whole grain mustard. Very good, particularly with the Prosecco.

                      One of my favorites was the smoked duck tostata topped with a smoked sausage queso that was the perfect creamy compliment to the duck. Then again I love duck. There was also avocado on top which in my opinion is never a bad addition.

                      All in all it was a great island evening.

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                        That sounds so good.

                        Now I'm hungry.

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                          Does anyone know the names of the folks behind this restaurant (901 Postoffice)? Are they long-time Galvestonians/restaurateurs? BOI? Or newcomers?

                          A friend was asking me if I knew. I don't. Does anyone else?

                          1. re: Jaymes

                            Jaymes, it is owned by Tony Gonzalez who also owns Smooth Tony's Juice Bar & Grill. He is from a long-time Galveston family. He may even be BOI, but not positive about that.

                            1. re: lunchmeat

                              Steve Griffith is the man behind the food at 901 Postoffice. He is well known on the island. Tony takes care of business, and Steve takes care of cuisine.

                              1. re: swamp

                                Interesting! Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along to my curious friend.

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                                  @Swamp, any idea why this restaurant is only open 3 nights a week? Do they have other jobs? Or is it a hobby? Otherwise, I just don't see how they can turn a profit on 12 operating hours a week.

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                                    Tony also owns and operates Smooth Tony's near UTMB, a cool place on the island for lunch etc. Griffith has a full time job at UTMB as the Director of Catering and Special Events.

                          2. Lunchbox Cafe is a great little cafe. Sandwiches and cool drinks. I had a coconut limeade that would be great in a few months when it starts steaming.

                            Lunchbox Cafe
                            213 23rd St, Galveston, TX 77550

                            1. We did a quick one nighter on Wednesday, after hitting Perry's for a pork chop and a chicken fried steak, we hit Galveston, and our spartan but clean Day's Inn on 61st, it's not Treemont House, but hey we're spending our money on food. We started at Murdoch's on Seawall Blvd. for a little wine on the breezeway over the Gulf. Next to an old favorite, Benno's which was mostly a letdown. The fried oysters were ok, the shrimp small and overcooked, but the biggest problem was the cajun crabs, way over cooked to the point of getting little meat off the back fin and none out of the claws. Mary Jane, who has worked here almost as long as I've been going, early 80's for me, was gracious as usual and brought out some grilled oysters, which saved the day. We hit the Poop Deck Club on the Seawall for a nightcap and a chat with skipper Marie, talking old times, Ike, etc. plus she's been there since the 80's, as long as I've been going. The wife has to have her morning coffe fix so we went to the Island Cafe, the former Diner, next to Days Inn. She liked her beans and huevos rancheros, but they were out of bacon and sausage. I can't believe they didn't send someone on the ten minute round trip to Randall's to get a necessity. They said their truck hadn't come No excuse. My biscuit was microwaved, again no reason for that. We took the long way home and went through Surfside, and a meal at the Red Snapper Inn. We started with some crab stuffed jalapenos, very good. I had a fried fish poor boy, red snapper according to them, and I do believe them. Many places say snapper, but it's who knows what. My wife had the soft shell crab poor boy, again excellent. We added a few fried oysters and shrimp, and the oysters were very good, but the shrimp were exceptional. They both come with cottage fries, really fresh potato chips, man I love those things. We finished off the day with a trip to the beach, the water was beautiful, and to anybody who doesn't there can be beautiful water in Galveston/Surfside, you don't go enough.

                              1. I don't know why Gaido's is never mentioned. Yes, I know it's not a trendy place du jour, but it has been around for 100 years. It has survived numerous hurricanes and comes back everytime. Yep, it's not trendy, just dependable seafood. They also operate the more casual Casey's. Both on Seawall Blvd. I have looked for the giant crab outside for more than 50 years!

                                1. We live in Clear Lake and love that we’re only 30 min from a place that feels like we’re on vacation. We recently spent a few days there. We really haven’t dined on the island since Ike so we hit some old favorites and tried new ones.

                                  Gorditas Mexico – 712 Seawall @ 7th
                                  This was probably my favorite new find. I had the El Presidente, which was a sope, a taco, and a gordita. You can “pick your flavor” as the menu says and I picked pastor. It’s not a traditional grilled pastor but the flavor was good and the pork so tender. The edges of the sope were a bit thick and not cooked all the way but the center was perfect. The taco was served Mexican style with just chopped onions and cilantro. The gordita was perfect. My husband ordered a chicken poblano plate but it’s not what he got. He got chicken fajitas with bell pepper and onions all covered in queso. It came with refried beans, rice, and potatoes. He said it was alright though I doubt he’d order it again. There was a definite language barrier. All the wait staff spoke Spanish and very little if any English. So you may want to point to your menu selections. I believe this is a Mexican restaurant and not a Tex-Mex place so I personally would stick to the Mexican items. Chips and salsa were good. The green sauce was very reminiscent of something you might find in Mexico; tomatillos, chili, and sunflower seeds. It had a very distinct sunflower seed flavor. The red salsa and chips were really good. I can’t wait to go back.

                                  Shrimp n Stuff – 3901 Ave O
                                  Great local place. I had the shrimp po-boy that was very good. The shrimp was delicious and I would definitely go back again. Next time I want to try the shrimp tacos. Their tartar and cocktail sauces were very good. I don’t remember the French fries and onion rings….hmm maybe that says somethings or maybe I was just in shrimp heaven…not sure. The cole slaw looked good. Gonna try that next time.

                                  Mosquito Café – 624 14th Street
                                  We simply just love this place. This visit we strayed from our norm and got a southwest green chile burger and a steak sandwich. The green chile burger was good but not like the ones I’ve had in New Mexico. Couldn’t really taste the cheese but the meat was perfectly cooked and juicy. I might order it again or just one of the other burgers if I were in the mood for a burger. The steak on the steak sandwich was so tender, pink on the inside and cooked on the outside. We both had the macaroni potato salad that was reminiscent of Hawaiian macaroni salad and is brought back fond memories. Some of our other favorites are their quesadillas of the day, the veggie mushroom sandwich, their goat cheese salad…. Honestly I don’t think we’ve had a bad thing here. They have a dessert case and we’ve had a variety of these items too and their always good.

                                  PattyCakes – 704 14th Street
                                  This is owned by Mosquito Café. We decided to check it out while we were at Mosquito. The cakes, cookies, and breads seemed to be of a different variety then the ones at the Café so if you see the lemon bars or cookies at the Café get them there. We did take some coconut macaroons and their babka coffee cake. Both so delicious. I’m not sure I could go to the island and not take home a coffee cake.

                                  Cajun Greek – 2226 61st Street
                                  This was an old favorite that we use to go to before Ike. This was on my have to go to again list. I got the philly cheesesteak which I always loved but I thought was just ok this time. The flavor was still good but it felt like something was missing which could have been that we were the first ones there for lunch and the grill not being hot enough. I'm sure we will be back though. I still like this place. It’s a local place and when I pass it it’s always full. Next time I might try the po-boy or a burger.

                                  Olympia Grill on the Seawall
                                  This is another place we would always go to before Ike and since we were staying at the San Luis we thought we’d just walk on over and give it another try. I had the chicken pita, which is what I use to order. The chicken was moist but flavorless. The tzatziki was good. My greek salad was delicious. Really good greek salad dressing here. My husband had the pastitsio which he said was good but didn’t have the béchamel sauce as described on the menu. It was more of a tomato bell pepper sauce like you’d find on meatloaf. The seasoned beef reminded me of the seasoning you might find in the meat of a bastilla, prominent cinnamon flavor. Not bad just not what was expected. He did say he liked it. I’d go back here if for nothing else to get the greek salad.

                                  Gorditas Mexico
                                  712 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

                                  Olympia Grill
                                  4908 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

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                                    For some reason, the Olympia Grill location on Pier 21 has better food. Try that next time.

                                    Olympia Grill
                                    4908 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

                                    1. re: Lambowner

                                      thanks Lambowner we will

                                      Other places we visited recently:

                                      San Luis Steakhouse @the San Luis Resort
                                      This was a nice surprise. We were staying at the resort and didn't feel like leaving the property so decided we would try the Steakhouse. My husband had a really good rib eye here and I wasn't very hungry so I just had a salad that I don't really remember but was satisfying. I doubt we would just go here for dinner but if you're staying at the resort and don't feel like leaving this is a good place. I'm not one to go to the Landry establishment but then I don't usually go to chain restaurants when I'm traveling since I like to try the local offerings. Landry I can get just about anywhere in the country.

                                      Gumbo Bar - 2105 Postoffice
                                      Another vote for this place they have at least a couple different gumbo's and we tried them. Both were excellent.

                                      The Spot - 3204 Seawall
                                      We like this place to meet up with friends or take out of towners. We especially like it in winter when we can sit in the dinning room that faces the ocean. Burgers are good and we love their onion rings. They've added a palapa bar on top of the bar. They have good happy hour prices on beer though I don't drink beer so I wasn't really attentive to the price or time.

                                      This really was the first time since Ike that we've toured the island. We've been there since but usuallly to visit with friends or do one of the Galveston activities. I see there is allot more to taste and I plan on going more often just to try.

                                  2. I've been searching this board for any comment on Black Pearl Oyster Bar in Galveston, and I guess it's not been mentioned. Any comments on this relative newcomer? I think it opened Labor Day 2010. May have to try it out soon.

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                                      I have not been to the Black Pearl Oyster Bar but several of my coworkers have and they raved about it!

                                      1. re: lunchmeat

                                        Black Pearl is Rudy Betancourt's, of Press Box and Safari Beach Club, entry into the more upscale dining category. I have eaten there on several occasions and have been very pleased. On their appetizer menu they have some great boudin balls. The fish tacos are also good, and the fish sandwich is quite tasty. I also like the choice of fried okra as a side.

                                        Press Box
                                        2401 Post Office St, Galveston, TX 77550

                                    2. Simp's!! I had an amazing lunch there a few years ago. I haven't been back since the hurricane, but I've had good reports from reliable sources. Sort of a seafood/soul food combo restaurant. If my one visit was any indication, the quality to price ration is amazing.

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                                        @Mike Miller--I agree totally. As I posted on this board recently, Simp's may have the best soul food I have had anywhere. Easily worth a special trip much like some of the best BBQ spots in Texas. I believe it closes early afternoon and is open for lunch only.