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Apr 5, 2011 09:31 PM

Great America? Anything to eat?

Going to Great America with my preteen daughter this Sunday - we'll both love the roller coasters but she has sophisticated tastes and won't like the crappy, overpriced junk food there any more than I will. They don't allow you to bring food into the park. So... any suggestions? They have a picnic area outside so could lug a cooler in the car. But if there's something chow-ish that's walking distance from the gates (so we don't have to park again), would love to try that. Or if there's actually something good in the park that would be useful to know.

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  1. I can't vouch for this personally, but my 19yo sushi loving son had sushi in the park that he pronounced as "excellent". While to me that would be living very dangerously, he was happy not to eat the usuasl crap that is available there.

    1. DavidM, nothing at Great America or walking distance from the gates (it's a Huge parking lot & surrounding area is just business parks) worth eating. Best to keep the cooler in the car & get your hand stamped to be able to re-enter.

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        hhc said it -- there really is nothing. The one time I was there many people were eating on from coolers berms/out of the cars/on curbs. It's not *that* bad a walk, even to the furthest and cheapest ($15?) parking area.

      2. Not sure if they're still around but Great America had the best beef jerky cart - pricey but I would just eat the beef jerky and frozen lemonades throughout the day, and buy a filler meal at whatever food place wasn't crowded in the park.

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          Thanks for the helpful hints, all. We got there early, parked close, and had a nice picnic lunch from a cooler we left in the car. One enjoyable food item in the park was the hot fried apples, rolled in cinnamon sugar, served at a booth in the Orleans section. And the rides were fun. Loved the Flight Deck inverted roller coaster and the Drop Tower is just a great, scary ride.