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Apr 5, 2011 08:48 PM

Reputable source for Kopi Luwak?

I'm looking for a source for kopi luwak / civet coffee and there seem to be concerns that there is a lot of "fake" kopi luwak floating around. Can you vouch for a source that would be available by mail-order? I would also be interested in recs for other particularly noteworthy beans that would make an exceptional gift. thanks!

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  1. Try Porto Rico Importing Co. They are a venerable NYC coffee company that stocks civet coffee.

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    1. re: JungMann

      Thanks for the tip - I did order from them and the recipient was thrilled at the unusual gift, so hopefully it is good too!

        1. re: bluemtn43

          If you're in New York, do go to Porto Rico Importing Co. It's in the Village and it's an experience, the aromas, the selection, the flavor...