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Apr 5, 2011 08:00 PM

Single cup coffee makers?

I love the convenience of a single cup coffee maker. I generally drink a regular "American" cup of coffee rather than espresso.

I am currently using a Tassimo coffee machine, and although the coffee is ok, it's not great. Since the have terminated their relationship with Starbucks and Seattle's Best, pretty much the only decent coffee they offer is Gevalia.

I am considering getting a Keurig machine which has a greater choice of coffees in their K-cups, and which also allows the user to put any coffee into a refillable cartridge...but there goes the basic advantage of these machines...convenience.

Does anyone have an opinion re Keurig vs. Tassimo?

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  1. We have the Keurig. My husband loves it, because he doesn't drink a lot of coffee. It gives a wide of variety of coffee, teas, chocolate, practically anything. As you said you can use anythng in the Kcup. I have used it for loose teas and it comes out great.
    If you are going to buy one, just look at how much you drink or your household drinks, so that would determine you water reservoir. Good Luck

    1. Major edit. Just read that this was specific to Kuerig vs. Tassimo. My apologies

      1. I had a sample cup from a Keurig at Costco the other day. We decided against the $150 machine, because we are really more regular tea drinkers than coffee. But, I will say that it made a nice cup of American style coffee, smooth, not at all bitter or overbrewed, which I ususally find with drip coffee, for instance. I don't know all that much about the Keurig process, but based on that cup of coffee, if I was more of a coffee drinker, I'd consider it. For now, I'm sticking with my press pot.

        1. We own and love our Nespresso machine. Technically, an espresso machine that does that rather than coffee, it does what it does simply, reliably and well. Pods are relatively cheap and available by mail order. Please excuse the sales pitch tone, I sold them for too long at Williams Sonoma and it slips out. They are still a good machine.
          oops-noticed you didn't want random suggestions...sorry.

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          1. re: Nocturnalbill

            I've previously had a Nespresso machine which I liked, but I really want something that makes an American style 6 or 8 oz. cup...thus am considering the Keurig.

            1. re: josephnl

              My wife swears by it. It has replaced her daily Starbucks/DD fix in the mornings, but the secret is in the coffee. Some K-cups will give you watery flavorless coffee. Stick with Medium Bold or Bold cups, especially if you add milk or cream.

              1. re: ferret

                I'm very happy with my Keurig. I've been using it for over two years. It's convenient (no pot cleaning involved) and there are many types of coffee to choose from.

              2. re: josephnl

                I forget how, but you can actually make a 6 or 8 with the Lungo pods from Nespresso, because our long pour button now does that automatically. D/W figured out a way to do it a year ago and can't remember what she did.

            2. We love our Keurig. It consistently makes excellent coffee. Wide varieties available in stores and online. We love the fact that each person can have exactly the coffee they desire. Some balk at the pricing of the K cups but it is still far cheaper than buying coffee at Starbucks or elsewhere.