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Single cup coffee makers?

I love the convenience of a single cup coffee maker. I generally drink a regular "American" cup of coffee rather than espresso.

I am currently using a Tassimo coffee machine, and although the coffee is ok, it's not great. Since the have terminated their relationship with Starbucks and Seattle's Best, pretty much the only decent coffee they offer is Gevalia.

I am considering getting a Keurig machine which has a greater choice of coffees in their K-cups, and which also allows the user to put any coffee into a refillable cartridge...but there goes the basic advantage of these machines...convenience.

Does anyone have an opinion re Keurig vs. Tassimo?

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  1. We have the Keurig. My husband loves it, because he doesn't drink a lot of coffee. It gives a wide of variety of coffee, teas, chocolate, practically anything. As you said you can use anythng in the Kcup. I have used it for loose teas and it comes out great.
    If you are going to buy one, just look at how much you drink or your household drinks, so that would determine you water reservoir. Good Luck

    1. Major edit. Just read that this was specific to Kuerig vs. Tassimo. My apologies

      1. I had a sample cup from a Keurig at Costco the other day. We decided against the $150 machine, because we are really more regular tea drinkers than coffee. But, I will say that it made a nice cup of American style coffee, smooth, not at all bitter or overbrewed, which I ususally find with drip coffee, for instance. I don't know all that much about the Keurig process, but based on that cup of coffee, if I was more of a coffee drinker, I'd consider it. For now, I'm sticking with my press pot.

        1. We own and love our Nespresso machine. Technically, an espresso machine that does that rather than coffee, it does what it does simply, reliably and well. Pods are relatively cheap and available by mail order. Please excuse the sales pitch tone, I sold them for too long at Williams Sonoma and it slips out. They are still a good machine.
          oops-noticed you didn't want random suggestions...sorry.

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            I've previously had a Nespresso machine which I liked, but I really want something that makes an American style 6 or 8 oz. cup...thus am considering the Keurig.

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              My wife swears by it. It has replaced her daily Starbucks/DD fix in the mornings, but the secret is in the coffee. Some K-cups will give you watery flavorless coffee. Stick with Medium Bold or Bold cups, especially if you add milk or cream.

              1. re: ferret

                I'm very happy with my Keurig. I've been using it for over two years. It's convenient (no pot cleaning involved) and there are many types of coffee to choose from.

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                I forget how, but you can actually make a 6 or 8 with the Lungo pods from Nespresso, because our long pour button now does that automatically. D/W figured out a way to do it a year ago and can't remember what she did.

            2. We love our Keurig. It consistently makes excellent coffee. Wide varieties available in stores and online. We love the fact that each person can have exactly the coffee they desire. Some balk at the pricing of the K cups but it is still far cheaper than buying coffee at Starbucks or elsewhere.

              1. I use a Keurig at my office and recommend it for making decent coffee without the waste I was making before. My earlier routine had been to make a half pot (six cups) in the morning for myself, but in fact I almost always ended up throwing out much of that. The Keurig is zero waste, something to keep in mind when you're tempted to think of the K-cups as expensive, and it also spared me the cleaning of filter baskets and carafes. For regular users, it eventually pays for itself even compared to brewing your own pots, to say nothing of buying at Starbucks.

                1. Costco carries large boxes of Kcups. Also Bed bath beyond carries a large variety, and you can use a 20% off coupon, or if you have a five dollar coupon, you can use that.

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                    Costco carries Paul Newman Organic Kcups which are quite good. They also carry Folgers. BBB works out well with the coupon. Target and Macys also have a decent variety and they occasionally go on sale.

                  2. OK, my inlaws have (I think) a Keurig, and I like the coffee. The blue light causes me seizures, but that's what electrical tape is for...

                    What I want to know is... What is the cost-per-cup for these single-serving machines?

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                      We've got the Keurig and i think it's great, depending on where you buy the k-cups it can be 50 cents a cup and up

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                        Thank you. Quite reasonable. Next dumb question: I'm no coffee geek, but realistically speaking, what's the reasonable shelf-life of the pods?

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                        Dave's answer is good about price. A cup will not get much cheaper than 50 cents, even if shopping in bulk warehouses. An important issue, however, is the volume and composition of your setting. For one person who wants a cup every so often, even several times a day, it pays nicely to do a single cup system. But I have a sister with herself, a husband, and three coffee drinking kids in the house. They've remarked on how much they're spending with their Keurig. They'd be better of with a thermal carafe kind of system, making two or three pots a day.

                        1. re: Bada Bing

                          Thanks, Bada:

                          I'm more of a small kine coffee guy these days, so it would work if I could get over my single-purpose antipathy. Gradually (and heretically) shifting over to tea. My wife DID buy some fancy German thermal carafe the other day that keeps stuff warm for a spooky length of time, though.



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                            Actually, you remind me of one other thing: at home I am happy to make a mug at a time using a cone and filter Melitta-style: just heat enough water for a cup and then let it drain into a mug. But at my office, cleaning up grounds and washing the cone was a pain (no handy sink). Aeropress is a bit better for cleanup, but still I don't like to use it without a sink nearby.

                      3. I used to sell cookware/housewares and as such have had all these machines - Nespresso, Tassimo, and Keurig- through my house at some point.

                        Between the Tassimo and the Keurig I'd recommend the Keurig due to the availability/variety of pods. We actually found Tassimo offered bolder/stronger coffees but I see you indicate that they've gotten rid of the Starbucks adn Seattle's Best so that would really narrow the options with them.

                        We used a Keurig at home for a bit. I ended up going back to my French Press. I couldn't find a pod that rivaled what I could do in the French Press and at home I don't mind pressing and cleaning the pot. Storing the pods and then the waste involved with them also made me crazy.

                        My husband has had both a Tassimo and now a Keurig on his desk at work. The real selling point on these single cup machines is the ease and convenience of brewing with little (or no) cleanup. For his desk, it's a perfect option for fresh coffee anytime he wants. Particularly given the dreck available in his office break room. We buy the pods for his machine at Costco or through Amazon depending on mood and what Costco has available. Definitely stick with Bold roasts...overally I found the coffees to be fairly weak.

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                        1. re: ziggylu

                          "Definitely stick with Bold roasts...overally I found the coffees to be fairly weak."

                          +1 on this! No, wait... let's make that +2. Or maybe even +3.

                          I got to use a Keurig machine for the first time about two months ago. I was visiting a sub-contractor's facility & they had one in their break room; 75¢ for K-coffee, or 50¢ for regular vending coffee. I detest dark roasts, but I couldn't get ANY decent brew from the K-unit unless the kup was labeled "bold."

                          As a point of comparison, I also got to try the Nespresso capsule system about four months ago. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better it was at producing a decent shot than Charbucks is. I haven't tried the Tassimo, but it sounds like the Betamax to Keurig's VHS. If I was going to get a single cup brewer for my desk, it would definitely be the Nespresso over the Keurig. Either that, or the Saeco Odea super-auto. Greater versatility than either the Keurig or Nespresso, with less waste, but with a bit more "neighbor annoyance" factor due to the per-cup grinding.

                          1. re: Eiron

                            I had a Nespresso machine which produced a decent shot of espresso, but it's not great for those of us who prefer an American style cup of Joe. Simply adding water to the Nespresso espresso to make an "Americano", did not make a great cup.

                            1. re: josephnl

                              Yes, I understand what you're saying.

                              I only had the one cup from the Nespresso machine. It was nice, but it's not a regular cup o'Joe. And I didn't get to experiment with brew options. The Saeco super-auto allows flexibility in brewing, but it's not a regular American cup, either.

                              I don't recall, have you had the chance to try the K-brew? If you have any kitchen stores nearby, they might offer K-brew that you could sample. I'd just be concerned that it won't meet your brewing expectations if you're used to the richer brew of the Tassimo.

                        2. My office has a Keurig, and I like it so much that I'm considering getting one for the (sadly few and far between) times I get to have a cup of coffee at home. I live alone, and even when I use my press I end up making way more coffee than I need.

                          Big fan of the Donut Shop XBold and the Gloria Jeans flavored KCups - unfortunately all of the hot chocolates I've tried are terrible.

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                          1. re: malkazanie

                            Tea and hot chocolate in a Keurig seems king of pointless to me, as there's typically no "brewing" involved in the process otherwise (and yes, it's arguable whether the Keurig "brews" anything). The Keurig is handy for pouring a quick cup of hot water (sans K-cup) for a teabag or a regular preparation of hot chocolate but it's a waste to use K-cup tea/coca.

                            1. re: ferret

                              Costco sells the Folgers cases and they are averaging about 35 cents a kcup

                          2. We are on our second Breville Single Cup Brewer. First one had problems; stopped brewing, brewed a fraction of a cup, etc.... Breville replaced that unit and now this one is dying. Sometimes it sounds like it is going to explode. The other day it took me over an hour to get a cup of coffee to brew....very frustrating. I like the single cup idea, but this machine is very unreliable and I find it difficult to find a k-cup that is bold and not bitter....tried soooo many. I am considering a Tassimo machine.

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                            1. re: raplum

                              One more note....much of the coffee that I do actually like in K Cup Variety is no longer available. An online retailer explained to me that Green Mountain is buying all of the smaller coffee house vendors; e.g. Tully's. I loved Tully's Kona and Sumatra and they have now been discontinued. I do not like any variety of Green Mountain Coffee.

                              1. re: raplum

                                I am the op, and although the Tassimo machine operates flawlessly, the available coffees are not great . They originally offered Starbuck's and Seattle's Best in addition to their signature Gevalia coffees. They were pretty good, but now they have terminated their relationship with Starbucks and Seattle's best, so only Gevalia is available. I really don't like Gevalia, thus I've been considering a Keurig machine, but it seems like these are plagued with mechanical problems...so I don't know what to do!

                                1. re: raplum

                                  Wow - the same thing happened to us with our (multiple) Keurig machines. The customer service rep said it was due to our having softened hard water, so I'm wondering if you have hard water as well. We were told to de-scale it at least once per month but that didn't seem to have any effect. I just switched to a drip coffee maker.

                                2. I have had my Keurig(B70) Since November and I love it. I got it as the TSV on QVC for a good price. I would check out QVC if you get one as they offer bundles where you get a few accessories like the my k cup and some extra boxes of k cups, for cheaper than most places sell the brewer alone.
                                  Anyways...I have had no mechanical issues so far, but when I was researching before buying one, it seems like Kuerig has good customer service and will easily replace machines. I actually read that they don't really make any money on the machines..its the k cups that give them the profits.

                                  I think they have great coffee and a good variety to please anyone. You mentioned you like starbucks for the tassimo..... Starbucks k cups are coming soon...as are dunkin donuts.
                                  I like coffee people donut house and Tully's Kona blend the best, but sadly all kona blends are being discontinued due to a problem with the kona crop.

                                  If you do get one....you are better off to order k cups online as they come in a 24 pack rather than 18 sold in stores. But I hear you can get good deals with Bed Bath and Beyond coupons too.

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                                  1. re: ShawnPA

                                    We've had out B70 now for almost 6 months. A month after purchase I got two of the My K Cups. I've been using freshly ground coffee since then. Haven't bought a Kcup since the ones that came with the maker have been used up. Kona, Blue Mountain (when available), all have been made in the My K Cup.

                                  2. I would recommend the Keurig single brew system. It has the widest range of coffees and teas to choose from and offers a relatively inexpensive entry brewer to "try-out" the system. Costco, BJs and similar big box stores do offer K-Cups at discount prices but you'll find a much broader selection at online single serve coffee sellers.

                                    I've been using Keurig brewers at work of over 6 years and at home for over 3. My wife and I normally have three boxes of coffee K-cups and 2 teas going at any particular time. Though I am not thrilled with the disposal of the k-cups themselves, the convenience and flexibility of the system is tremendous.

                                    1. I don't have a single cup system myself, but many of my clients do (I freelance and go to their homes), so I've quite frequently been offered a cup from the Keurig, which seems to be the brand they all have.

                                      For convenience, it's definitely a plus. It's nice for them (and nice for me) to be able to offer me a cup of coffee and not have me feel guilty that they're going to a lot of trouble, or, frankly, for me to accept and then get presented with instant which I just find undrinkable.

                                      However, if you're used to good drip coffee, I've found them a bit of a letdown. I'm not looking gift horses in the mouth, mind you, and appreciate my clients' generosity, but if I really want a nice cup of coffee, I stop by Peet's before I get to the client's house. I've tried lots of different brands and roasts with the Keurig, and they're all quite weak and a bit blah. They do the job for a caffeine fix, but they're not particularly enjoyable.

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                                      1. re: thursday

                                        I would agree that the majority of k-cups produce a weak cup of coffee for my tastes, especially the Green Mountain varieties. I find the dark roasts by Coffee People and Tully's to be quite good. Starbucks will soon be producing K-Cups and I have heard rumors about Peet's, too. I am eagerly awaiting both.

                                        1. re: CoffeeKing

                                          Peet's is definitely my favorite amonst the coffee chains. If they do start making k-cups, that will seal the deal for me to buy a Keurig machine.

                                      2. Well after spending much of this week researching....I returned an unopened Tassimo Machine and shipped back the temperamental Breville and await it's replacement. In reading loads of reviews, their seems to be pump issues across all brands. So, this morning Starbucks Via Instant coffee until i receive my new machine. Purchased a Cusinart Single Cup Brewer yesterday at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but will return it today since it's reviews are just as shaky as all the others......

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                                        1. re: raplum

                                          Interestedly, the department manager at our local Bed, Bath & Beyond said that the Breville was the most dependable of the k-cup machines. BB&B has amazing customer service. They will take anything back for refund or exchange at any time...even months (perhaps years) after purchase.

                                          You were smart to return the Tassimo. Although the machines made by Bosch are great mechanically, there is very limited choice of coffees since they terminated their relationship with Starbuck's and Seattle's Best.

                                          1. re: josephnl

                                            Yes, on the plus side, Breville is taking my second machine back and sending me a brand new one. So, drinking Via until I receive my new Breville. I am impressed with their customer service; seems that all Keurig machines have their issues, but no better options right now.
                                            Can't wait to try Starbucks K Cups!

                                            1. re: raplum

                                              I read somewhere that the patent for K cups ends in Sept 2010 so I am wondering what Keurig will come up with next. I love my B70. The only thing that tempted me about the tassimo was that you could make cappuccinos and stuff with the milk discs. How are those?

                                              1. re: ShawnPA

                                                Tempted by "milk discs"? Aim higher.

                                                1. re: ShawnPA

                                                  Have had very poor results with the milk disks. They do make reasonable foam, but they make a mess on the machine. I have an Aeroccino that came with a Nespresso machine that I no longer use. The Aeroccino works great, is available separately, but costs ~$100.