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Newport decesion

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In reading the reviews there are good and bad about these two restaurants. Please let me know what you think. Is the Clarke Cooke House restaurant any good? Also the Black Pearl. Any other sugestions?

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  1. yes and yes, but it depends on what you are looking for. For the most part Newport does not have stellar food -

    The Cooke House has good food, it is expensive for what it it but it's a lot of fun if you want to have an night out on the weekend that includes dinner and some bar time- there is dancing downstairs and there are a couple of bars (all pretty grown up).

    The Black Pearl is also good - their food is very traditional and they do it well. I believe the back room is still jacket and tie - there are different menus in the front room which is more casual and doesn't take reservations.

    Here are other suggestions - they are quite different from each other so look them up online to get an idea:
    Perro Salado

    Perro Salado
    19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

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      Thanks for the information. I'll look up the restaurants you listed.

    2. I happen to love Clarke Cooke....if you don't end up eating there, at least go for a drink to see the gorgeous building. It's my favorite bldg in town. If you go when it warms up have a drink in the "SkyBar". And tell a little white lie, like you're planning a wedding or something, and ask to be shown The Porch....it's a dining room like no other in Newport (pics on the website too). Would be a great place for a splurge dinner. I'm not saying you can't find food better, but the overall experience is amazing.

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        Thanks for the reply. We will definetly go there.

      2. Like the other poster said, Newport isn't the mecca for amazing food, but if you can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and some good food, i think you will be happy. If you are looking to be in the heart of Newport and aren't concerned about prices, I think you have 2 good choices. Cooke House would be my first pick...good food and more views than Black Pearl. Although you can sit outside at the patio for black pearl with a limited menu which is fun. Mooring is one of the few restaurants with actual outdoor waterfront dining, so you could check that out too. Also along those lines for "Newport Atmosphere" is Zeldas

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          Thanks for replying. I think we will give Cooke House a try. Also 22 Bowen's looks like a possibility.

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            We liked this place when we went last fall:


        2. we were there in January and enjoyed Perro Salado (will definitely return) & Rhode Island Quohaug Co.

          Perro Salado
          19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

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            RI Quohaug Co is now Speakeasy - new owners/chef, etc....

          2. For classic Newport, I prefer the Mooring over Clark Cooke House and Black Pearl. The Cooke House and BP are dialing in their food. Go for drinks but do dinner at the Mooring ( isay!) Its right on the water and the food is good. get the lobster bag of donuts (basically fritters) and scallop chowder to start.

            My other favorite restos in town are Tallulah on Thames (new kid on the block. Super creative locovore - chef soused under Robuchon. Menu constantly changes so you might not find one online. It is pricey but totally worth it), Perro Salado and Salvation Café. I've not been to Fluke, but hear very good things. 22 Bowens is, for me, "just a steakhouse". It's good, don't get me wrong, but don’t expect anything terribly creative. $35+ for a steak and ala carte creamed spinach. Im all set!

            Perro Salado
            19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

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              I totally agree. The Mooring and Tallulah are both very good. Yes, Tallulah is pricey but well worth the visit..