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Apr 5, 2011 07:25 PM

Advice on a wedding gift?

I am getting married in June, and I need help; my groom is an amazing man, a foodie, software engineer and IMPOSSIBLE to shop for! I am looking for a gift somewhere around $500. We already have an pretty complete kitchen with most any gadget you can think of.

We are planning on taking our honeymoon next summer to Indonesia, and until then we are planning on taking a weekly "honeymoon" and cooking dishes from countries around the world. ANY ideas would be appreciated!

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  1. If you live near a good cooking school, what about a couples' cooking class? The L'Academie de Cuisine has some really nice weekend classes that I've considered taking w/ my husband. Or, what about a class on something like wine tasting, pairing, etc? A gift I like to give people who love food and have everything are bottles of wine--either a wine of the month club, or a few bottles, one for now, one for 5 years from now, one for 10 years from now, etc. A good wine shop can be very helpful. That's assuming you drink...

    1. Why not pre-order a case of your favorite Bordeaux. 2011 might not prove to be an amazing year, but as long as you go with a top Ch√Ęteau you should be fine. You can lay them down to be ready for your 10 year anniversary!