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Apr 5, 2011 06:52 PM

Casual but good near Bryant Park

Looking for a spot to grab a bite before going out on town for friends 40th. Good drinks and appetizers probably more than entrees as there will be a bunch of us. Thinking bar room at Aureole but wondering if might be a little stuffy for what we are looking for. Would like to be between Grand Central and Bryant Park - or at least close to that area. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Pera Mediterranean Bistro is one block over on Madison. Good drinks and tapas-type appetizers. More casual than Aureole.

    135 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036

    303 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017

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    1. re: Elizabeth E.

      I've been looking for a spot to have dinner before an event at Town Hall-my question concerns the noise level, especially on a Friday night, which they list as "jazz night" - how would you rate it for decent conversation levels?

      1. re: David W

        I'd say Pera is normally medium-loud, by which I mean conversation is fine for two or four people, but might be more difficult at a table for 6 or 8. I've never eaten there during a "jazz night."

        303 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017

    2. Blue Bar at the Algonguin is a good and comfortable place for meeting friends over drinks and appetizers.

      Blue Bar
      59 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036