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Apr 5, 2011 03:48 PM

Is salad creations on yonge south of Carleton still open?

when I googled salad creations, the yonge street location is not listed. Has it closed?

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  1. Yes snoobie.
    It closed down about two months ago . It is such a pity ,as Iolve the concept . I used to eat there every time I was in Boca Raton in Florida . Ii think that this concept is more suited to a mall or food court location
    The store on Yonge and Carlton was too large and the rent is extremely high

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    1. re: itzi

      Another factor may have been that there is a Freshii (formerly Lettuce Eatery) right around the corner on College. Same concept, but it was there long before SC opened, so had a head start.

      Then there is the Metro in College Park that does a booming business in pre-made salads for much cheaper.

      I work at Yonge and Carlton and find that people gravitate towards College Park at lunch rather than walk south to hit those locations on the east side of Yonge.