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Apr 5, 2011 03:39 PM

Upper Crust Pizza, a new low

I don't eat upper crust pizza as much as I used to. I liked it but have not chosen to eat there as much due to the labor publicity. Thought I would get one tonight because I wasn't making dinner. My Husband brought one home after work along with a calzone. It was maybe the worst pizza I have ever had there. Crust was irregular and had a very strange flavor that left an aftertaste. My husband said the calzone was not good and served with cold sauce. But getting back to the flavor of the pizza... it did not taste the same or as flavorful as I remember. Last time I had one from there was probably three months ago. Anyone else notice a change in quality?

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  1. There is one on the N. Shore (Beverly) that people rave about but then again, our pizza really horrible up here with Bertucci's being so unfortunately the best around. I have been to several Upper Crusts and they are very inconsistent from location to location. Or which day you go there, as in the Salem location which is a nice shop but very unpredictable in quality. Which one did you just get slimed by?

    1. A couple of questions: first, which one did you order from? (There are quite a few now). Second - did you speak to the manager about this? If something was that bad, I'd definitely give them a call.

      1. It was on Moody Street in Waltham. If I don't have time to make dinner I don't have time to talk to the manager who probably could care less. It really tasted strange especially the bottom of the crust.

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